Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Ordinary People~

This episode was jam packed full of historical information about the Originals and their family.

Alaric and Elena explore the tunnels and Alaric takes pictures of the hieroglyphics. Alaric points out that these are the names of the originals—Rebekah—Klaus—Elijah—and Mikael.

Elena tells Damon that she’s going to see Rebekah. She’s just a teenage girl that wants to fit in. He tells her to make sure Rebekah doesn’t power-struggle her into a wheelchair.

Elena and Rebekah—Elena confronts Rebekah and wants to know why she is running from her father—Elena tells Rebekah that they are going to awaken Mikael and Rebekah says then they are all doomed. She has a flashback that shows Klaus and Elijah mock fighting. Mikael tells Klaus that’s he foolish and impulsive and it’s a miracle he’s still alive.

Elena arrives at Rebekah’s and realizes that Rebekah has compelled her own model show to pick out a homecoming dress. Elena says you didn’t call me over here to shop. She threatens to wake Mikael—Rebekah tells Elena not to threaten her.

Rebekah reveals to Elena that her family moved to Mystic Falls from Europe to escape the plague. They wanted to live in the land that was blessed by strength and speed—meaning the werewolves. The original family lived in peace with them for years. Once a month the wolves would howl through the night and the humans would lock themselves inside. One night Klaus and another brother went out to watch the wolves run and their brother paid the price—he died.

Rebekah mentions that the necklace wasn’t Stefan’s to give away. It belongs to the original witch that put the curse on Klaus. To protect us, the original witch made us vampires. Their father’s vice was his pride and he wanted to keep his children alive—and now with the escalating problem with the wolves it was the only way they would survive. That night, their father gave them wine laced with blood and drove his sword through their hearts. Afterward we had to drink more blood to complete the ritual. He forced us to drink and it was euphoric. The sun became our enemy and the tree that gave us life, could also kill us. So we burned it to the ground. The hunger became a problem and we craved blood.

Rebekah’s mother put the werewolf curse on Klaus and then turned her back on him. Elena makes the conclusion that Mikael killed Rebekah’s mother because she had an affair with one of the werewolves. Klaus said that Mikael said she broke his heart so he ripped hers from her chest as Klaus watched. Klaus helped Rebekah bury their mother and the three of them—Klaus-Rebekah—and Elijah swore to stick together. Rebekah says that Klaus has no tolerance for those who disappoint him—that she is very stubborn, and Elijah is moral to a fault. Rebekah warns Elena not to go after her brother. She’s an immortal and she will not turn her back on Klaus. Rebekah tells Elena to leave.

While Elena is dealing with Rebekah—Damon goes to see Stefan in the cell. Damon turns Stefan loose and realizing that Stefan really has given up. Damon takes Stefan to a bar and lets him feed. Stefan tells him that he’s worse than Elena, letting him out and trying to ‘brotherly bond’ with him. Damon tells Stefan that he can either man up or keep being Klaus’s bitch. Mikael suprises the duo when he walks up to them in the bar, he introduces himself and says he’s the vampire that’s a vampire hunter. That’s how he found them. Mikael wants to know where Klaus is and Stefan won’t fess up. Mikael drives his fist through Damon’s chest and tells Stefan that with just one twist Damon is dead. Stefan admits that he can get Klaus back to Mystic Falls. Mikael lets Damon go. Stefan wants to know why everyone is so intent on saving him and Damon tells him that he couldn’t leave him in a cell to rot because he was returning the favor of him saving his life. Stefan tells Damon to be careful his humanity is showing. Damon basically kicks his ass.

Elena shares Rebekah’s story with Bonnie and Alaric. Alaric says there’s a part of the story missing. Between the three of them they realize that some of the hieroglyphics stand for werewolves and vampires. Witches have a separate hieroglyphics and the hybrid has its own symbol. They realize the symbols tell the story in a way that Rebekah didn’t. The hybrid killed the original witch. Klaus killed his own mother. Elena rushes back to Rebekah to tell her the truth.

Rebekah is angry that Elena is back. Elena asks Rebekah about the story that Klaus told her about their father killing their mother. Elena tells Rebekah she doesn’t have the whole story. She shows the hieroglyphic photos to Rebekah and shows her where it says the hybrid killed the original witch. Rebekah breaks down and starts to cry uncontrollably.

Elena makes it home and Damon is in her bed. He tells her that Katherine let Mikael loose. He says to go ahead and kick, yell, and scream at him. She tells him that she’s not mad. Damon says that Stefan is a bigger dick than he originally thought but he thinks Stefan is on their side. Elena says that she thinks Rebekah is too. That she just recklessly, even if it consumes her. Elena tells him that Stefan’s love for her isn’t going to save him. It’s his love for Damon that will pull him back. She asks Damon if she can tell him the rest tomorrow and falls asleep.


I have to say that I never thought that Klaus had killed his own mother. I'm not sure why I was so surprised. I guess if you can cart your sister and brothers around in coffins for 60+years then you'd have no problem killing mommy dearest.

I'm also excited to see if Mikael left Katherine alive or dead.

What do you guys think? They can't have left Katherine on the on the tomb floor to die.

What's your opinion on Elena and Damon? Now they're sleep over buddies??

Don't forget next week's episode marks the mid-season finale! :(


Books And Beyond said...

Finally!! Someone to talk TVD with ツ
I was stoked to finally find out how they became originals. I never guessed a witch did it!
I have been wondering about Katherine too & how Mikeal said he only fed on vampires.
Could that be true?

Betty Turner said...

@Books and Beyond, Anytime you want to chat about TVD I'm always up for it. I was so excited to hear the story too. I was surprised to know that the original witch was a vampire herself. I'm also worried about Katherine... they couldn't have let her die that way. I think Mikael is more of an honorable man than we were led to believe. I think he does only feed on vampires, I think he doesn't want to kill humans. In any case I'm really excited. :)