Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Darkness~

***The winter hiatus is OVER!!!*** I was so ready for this! This episode showed us exactly how powerful Cassie is.... read on but watch out for spoilers if you haven't seen the show.

The mid-season return of The Secret Circle started with Cassie having a nightmare that she confronted Jake and he tells her that she’s evil and she can’t fight it. Cassie gets angry and chokes Jake with her power.

Adam shows up to check on Cassie and tells her that they are all just worried. She confides in him about the dark magic and her bloodline.

Diana’s Grandma Kate turns up and tells Charles that Diana emailed about her breakup with Adam.

Faye tells Melissa she needs to get back to the real world and over Nick. He wouldn’t want her moping. Faye has a plan to get her individual powers back.

Grandma Kate goes to see Dawn to ‘check on her’ after Henry’s death. Kate tells Dawn that she knows that she’s up to something and that she’s using Charles.

Adam is researching dark magic when Diana walks in on him and he tells her about Cassie’s lineage. Cassie overhears them and gets mad. She starts to choke Adam just like she did to Jake in her dream.

Cassie tells the group that she doesn’t know what she did or how she did it.

Dawn and Charles meet and she tells him that his mother came to see her and vowed to get to the bottom of what happened. She suggests killing his mother and Charles says there will be no more deaths.

Diana walks in on Cassie doing an attraction spell to bring Jake back to Chance Harbor. She knows he can help her with her dark magic and learn to control it. Diana tells Cassie to come stay with her until Cassie’s grandma gets back.

Faye and Melissa are researching ways to restore Faye’s individual powers. She finds a guy named Lee LaBeque and they go to visit him. He does a “spell” that Faye soon realizes didn’t do anything. He scammed them.

Grandma Kate makes dinner for Charles, Diana, and Cassie, but Dawn shows up with a bottle of wine. Charles takes the wine from his mother and pours it out. He accuses Dawn of trying to kill his mother and tells her that he will handle his own mother.

Adam shows up at Diana’s to apologize to Cassie for breaking her trust.

Cassie can’t sleep and goes downstairs. Grandma Kate is also awake and tells Cassie that she can sense the dark magic in her and that she can help her draw it out. Cassie agrees because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.

Cassie tells Diana that Grandma Kate can help her and make the dark magic go away. She tells Diana where they’re going and Diana assures Cassie that she can trust Kate.

Cassie goes with Kate into the woods to do the spell. Kate prepares the spell and cuts Cassie’s hand. Kate snaps an elderberry branch and Cassie’s collapses to the ground.

Diana finds mandrake root in Grandma Kate’s suitcase and realizes something is terribly wrong. She goes to get Adam and they set out and try to find Kate and Cassie.

Meanwhile Charles and Dawn are having an argument about the crystal and what to do about his mother. Charles tells Dawn that they are done and Dawn tells him that they can talk it out. He says they’re finished.

Cassie wakes up to find herself buried beneath the earth in a box. Kate tells her the earth will bleed the darkness from you.

Cassie screams and screams for help, but realizes no one can hear her. She centers and calms herself and using her dark magic she says “let me out!”

The ground and the box explodes from the around her and she climbs out. Diana and Adam hear it and rush to find her.

Charles tells Kate that he knew she wasn’t at dinner with a friend and wants to know where she was. She admits that she tried to kill Cassie Blake. Charles looks stunned and Kate tells him that she had to know how strong Cassie was and tells him that Cassie is really strong.

Back at Diana’s house, she tells Cassie that she’s sorry she told her to trust Grandma Kate and she’s glad her grandma is gone. Diana asks Cassie what it felt like and Cassie admits that she knows it’s wrong, but it felt really good. The power running through her… destroying the box and letting her fear save her. She says that she knows it’s not right but if she didn’t have the power, then she’d be dead right now.

As Cassie stares out the window, Jake is standing in the yard looking up.


So how excited were you guys to watch the show again? I was thrilled to have Jake back. I can't wait until Cassie and Adam have more screen time together but I certainly want to see more of the Cassie and Jake spark.

What are you guys looking forward to for the rest of the season?

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