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The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ The New Deal~

***The mid-season premier caused fan girls to scream all over the world....If you haven't seen the episode... watch out for spoilers... ***

Bonnie has a dream about the Stefan, the caskets, and the old witch’s house.

Elena is out jogging and gets scared by a guy in hoodie running behind her

Elena tells Bonnie that Stefan betrayed them and he’s gone. Bonnie asks about Damon and Elena says that Damon is being Damon.

Alaric is at the grille looking for Jeremy and Damon is day drinking. They find out that Jeremy was fired a month ago.

Jeremy has developed a bromance with Tyler and is ‘hanging out and shooting stuff.’ He tells Tyler that Alaric feels responsible for them and he doesn’t mind. Tyler tells Jeremy it’s pretty cool being a hybrid and to shoot at him with the crossbow. Jeremy does and Tyler catches the arrow. He tells Jeremy the only way to kill him is to decapitate him.

Damon and Elena are discussing Jeremy when Klaus turns up at the grille. He’s with the same guy that was running behind Elena. Klaus tells them that he might fancy having a home in Mystic Falls and that he’s looking for Stefan. Elena tells him that Stefan is his problem not theirs anymore. Klaus tells them that Stefan stole from him and he wants him found.

Bonnie takes a trip to the old witch’s house and finds Stefan. He tells Bonnie that the witches hate Klaus as much as he does and he needs her help to hide the coffins. She says she doesn’t have enough power and Stefan tells her the witches will help her. They magically hide the coffins.

Alaric and Elena stage and intervention for Jeremy and he tells them Tyler is waiting on him, he can’t stay for dinner. Elena and Alaric don’t like him hanging out with Tyler, so Jeremy invites Tyler into the house.

Klaus goes to talk to Damon asks him if he wants to discuss his epic failure of a plan. Klaus tells Damon that Stefan stole his family, and Damon tells him that he doesn’t work for him. Klaus says that they only respond well to violence and a demonstration is in order. He makes a phone call.

Elena confronts Tyler about the differences between compulsion and being sired. Tyler tries to explain, but gets frustrated and leaves. Alaric and Elena try to tell Jeremy that Tyler is bad news, but they turn around to find that Jeremy has taken off his ring and has left the house.

They find Jeremy outside and standing in front of a car. Alaric pushes him out of the way, but gets hit in the process. Elena and Jeremy carry Alaric inside after making sure he was wearing his ring. Jeremy realizes that Tyler got him to stop drinking vervain and took his bracelet.

Damon and Elena go to the old witch’s house after Bonnie tells Elena where Stefan is. Elena tells Stefan that Klaus tried to kill Jeremy and he’s going to try to kill every one she loves until he gives the coffins back. He says that he doesn’t care and it’s her problem. She slaps him and leaves. Damon tells her to go handle her brother and he’ll handle his.

Damon confronts Stefan and after a tussle in which Damon stabs Stefan with a stick, Damon learns that Stefan stopped him from killing Klaus because his hybrids would have killed Damon. Damon tells him to stop saving him. They agree to work together to stop Klaus but Elena can’t be a part of it.

Jeremy confronts Tyler with a crossbow and he tells Jeremy that he didn’t think that Klaus would try to kill him. Then he tells him that he should get home before dark and that Klaus won’t stop until he gets those coffins.

Elena gets home to find Alaric back in the land of the living, but something is wrong. He’s coughing up blood and Elena calls an ambulance. The EMTS come to take him to the hospital, but Klaus’s hybrid compels them to go away. He tells Elena to let him in.

Jeremy shoots the hybrid in the back and calmly walks into the kitchen telling Elena he’s not dead. He gets a meat cleaver and lobs off the hybrids head. Jeremy proclaims ‘Now he’s dead.’ He helps to take Alaric to the hospital.

At the hospital Alaric is already recovering and Dr. Meredith Fell is fascinated with his recovery. She tells him he either has a guardian angel or he’s sold his soul to the devil. He agrees that it’s a little of both. You can tell she’s intrigued.

Elena has told Klaus to meet her at the Salvatore house. She trades Rebekah for her brother’s safety. She tells him that Stefan is his problem but he tells her that she has plenty of loved ones… Bonnie, Caroline…. Damon. She warns him that Stefan isn’t the only one that will want him dead. She told him that Rebekah knows what he did to their mother.

Alaric asks Jeremy if he’s okay and he says that he shot a hybrid in the back and then cleaved off his head… it sucks… but he’s got to get used to it.

Damon gets rid of the headless hybrid and assures her that it will be okay. She tells him that she traded Rebekah for Jeremy and that no she doesn’t trust Klaus or Stefan. He assures her that they will fix it and everything will be okay.

Klaus sadly re-stakes Rebekah because he knows she will come after him because of their mother.

Elena, Alaric, and Damon go to speak to Jeremy. Damon tells him that they’re going to have another one of their chats. Damon compels Jeremy that he is going to leave Mystic Falls and go stay with family in Denver. He’s going to go to a new school, meet girls, and live a safe life. He won’t think twice about Mystic Falls.

Bonnie and Stefan are discussing the coffins and she tells him about the dream and that one coffin that she saw Klaus in while clutching his mother’s necklace. It won’t open and it is sealed with a spell. She is going to try to get it open.

Outside Elena tells Damon she can’t stop thinking about the last time she had him compel Jeremy. He tells her that she’s lucky to have her as a sister and she tanks him for everything that he’s done. He confides in her why Stefan betrayed them. She wants to know what it means and he says that he’s an idiot. He thought that he could finally stop feeling guilty for wanting what he wants. His brother’s girl. He starts to leave and then says that if he’s going to feel guilty, then he’ll feel guilty for this… and he KISSES HER. She kisses his back and his whispers ‘goodnight’ and then leaves Elena stunned on the porch. (Insert the fangirl scream heard round the world.)


I am so happy Damon finally got a real kiss from Elena. I have to admit I do hope that Elena chooses Damon over Stefan, but I don't think it'll last...

What do you guys think? Do you think Damon and Elena will be happy or will Klaus and Stefan put a stop to it?

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LOVE love damon! yes, he should be getting more kisss