Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Fire and Ice~

Spoiler Alert! This week had a TON of stuff going on... read on for a witchy good read... =)

Cassie and Diana discuss Jake and the possibility he won’t come back. Diana assures Cassie it’s for the best. The circle won’t be as strong but they are better off. They try to do a spell to change the color of a dress, but Cassie sets it on fire.

Adam’s dad tells him that he’s going to chaperone the dance and that he hasn’t had a drink in a couple of weeks. He’s sorry for hurting Diana and Adam.

Cassie voices her concerns that she can’t do a spell without it turning bad. Diana tells her that it was probably just a fluke.

Melissa, Diana, and Cassie decide to go to the dance together.

Adam and Cassie go check out the city records to see if there is anything about her dad. Adam distracts the secretary and Cassie uses the computer to look up her father. She gets an address of 7 Briar Hill. Adam freaks and tells Cassie he has to show her something.

Faye and Lee are up to no good. He tells her he can get her individual powers.

Adam takes Cassie to the abandoned house and shows her an address sign. It’s the same house her father owns. Adam tells her that he threw some of the older stuff in the basement. They decide to go check it out and Adam ends up asking Cassie to the Fire and Ice dance. She tells him that she can’t hurt Diana and she can’t think about it. He tells her that it’s all he thinks about.

Faye tells Melissa that Lee can help her get her powers and Faye tells her that it’s not a good idea.

Cassie still hanging out in the basement and hears something. She finds a sigil burned into the ceiling of the basement.

Diana and Melissa are reminiscing about being friends and hanging out. Cassie comes in and shows them a drawing that she made of the sigil. She tells them that she saw it in her book. She realizes that Faye stole a page from her mom’s book and is pissed. She calls Faye and demands she bring the page back.

Faye asks Lee about the spell and he tells her its old school and it will extract the dark magic. Cassie won’t be hurt. They go to the school dance and perform the ritual after stopping by Cassie’s house to steal her necklace. Faye notices a light on in Nick’s house next door.

Cassie asks Adam’s dad if her dad had anything to do with the fire and he says that she doesn’t need to know and that she is not defined by her parents.

Melissa and Diana discuss moving on and Diana goes to ask a boy to dance. Adam watches Diana dancing with the new guy and seems to be amused she’s moving on.

Adam asks Diana to tell Cassie that it’s okay to be friends with him and that she’s moving on.

Faye and Lee complete their spell and now she has Cassie’s powers and the circle is suffering. They each start to collapse and Cassie tells Faye she’s a selfish bitch. Faye makes Lee tell her how to undo the spell and she gives the powers back, but the damage is done. The school is on fire and the decorations are shattering. They realize Melissa isn’t with them and Cassie goes to get her. She uses her powers to part the fire so she can get Melissa. She is overcome by the smoke and collapses. The last thing she sees is a pair of boots before she passes out.

Cassie and Melissa wake up outside, not knowing how they got outside. The circle tells Faye that this is the second time she’s almost killed them all. She lashes out at Cassie and leaves.

Diana drives Melissa home and Melissa says that she’s Faye’s friend and that they were pretty harsh on her.

Faye goes to see Lee and she gets flirty with him. Telling him that she’s done with the circle.

Adam finds Cassie in the basement of the abandoned house. The joke around and end up kissing.

So what did you guys think?


I'm still torn on the Adam/Cassie relationship... I was so happy that Jake is back. He looked kind of hurt that Cassie was in Adam's arms. Which hot guy are you wanting Cassie to choose?

Do you think Faye will ever settle down and stop doing things that almost kill the rest of the circle?

When will Melissa finally stick up for herself and stop following Faye around? Yeah they're friends but there is a point when you become a doormat.....

Please leave your comments and thoughts :)


blackroze37 AT said...

i dont like the voodoo guy {{{(he is from the series 'the nine lives of chloie king' on the family channel}}}
im very curous who the other john blackwell child is

Betty Turner said...

Yeah I am certainly not a fan of Lee... I don't really think he's into Voodoo, I think he's a scam artist that just happens to know a little about witches.

I'm really curious about the Blackwell child... I really wonder if it's Faye... There was an offhand comment about Dawn (Faye's Mom) being obsessed with him and we all know Dawn is happy to embrace dark magic.