Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Our Town~

Damon is in the shower and Elena is training at Alaric’s. Alaric knows something is up with her but she denies anything is wrong.

Stefan comes to get Damon and they rush off to meet with Bonnie. Who is trying to open the coffin when she hears someone in the house. Damon and Stefan arrive at the right time and Damon rips out the hybrid’s heart.

Elena is decorating Caroline’s locker for her 18th birthday. Bonnie gets there a little late, and Elena tells Bonnie about compelling Jeremy to leave town. Bonnie is not pleased.

Stefan tells Damon that it’s time to call his Klaus’s bluff.

Jeremy tells Bonnie that he can have a better life in Denver and she gets angry that those are the exact words that Elena said. She doesn’t like that his free will is being screwed with.

Caroline runs into Tyler and she says that she can’t talk to him that he almost got Jeremy killed. Tyler tells her that he can’t put her first… he wants to but he can’t. He says he’s sorry and gives her a charm bracelet.

Klaus tells Rebekah to have sweet dreams and has Wendi store Rebekah. Stefan shows up at Klaus’s house and demands that the hybrids leave town. Klaus says he had hoped he would free Stefan and they’d pick up where they left off. Stefan says to remove the hybrids from Mystic Falls or he will remove them himself. He then cuts off Wendi’s head.

Caroline is surprised by Bonnie, Matt and Elena wanting to celebrate her birthday and she doesn’t feel like celebrating. Because she’s dead.

Klaus tells Tyler that he has to bite Caroline and Tyler refuses and asks him what the hell is wrong with him.

Damon tells Alaric that he can’t predict who Stefan is going to kill.

Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, and Matt go to hang out in the cellar. Elena says that Caroline never got a proper funeral. Bonnie lights the candles on the cake and each person says something ‘sorta’ nice about Caroline.

Damon and Alaric show up at the Founder’s party. Alaric says let’s get a drink, write a check and get out. Dr. Fell says hello to Alaric and that she’s surprised he was out and about. He says he has nine lives and she tells him that’s handy in a town full of vampires. Alaric seems surprised that she knows but she’s part of a founding family. Klaus has told Carol Lockwood that he will protect and take care of Tyler if she will force Stefan to back off. She tells Damon that the council will take action if Stefan isn’t calmed down.

Bonnie and Elena get into an argument and Matt tells them they’re ruining a perfectly good funeral.

While Damon is off dealing with the council Alaric interferes with Brian Walters and Dr. Fell’s argument.

Stefan arrives at the Founder’s party and grabs a knife then stabs a hybrid intending to decapitate him. Damon catches him and says no dead hybrids at the founder’s party! Damon tells him to beat Klaus you have to be smart and Stefan returns that to beat a villain you have to be a better villain.

Tyler shows up where the ‘funeral’ is going on and says he didn’t mean to crash the party. He asks to speak to Caroline.

Matt tells Elena that he just wants them both to be happy. She says she had no right messing in Jeremy’s head. But she can’t lose anyone else she loves.

Tyler tells Caroline that he takes it back, that Klaus can’t control him. He tells her he loves her and they start to kiss. He kisses down her neck and ends up biting her. She screams at him to leave her alone.

Matt and Elena go looking for Tyler and Caroline. Stefan knocks Matt out and grabs Elena. Damon calls Elena’s phone and realizes that Stefan has Elena. He tells Klaus that Stefan has Elena and he knows his brother very well and even he doesn’t know what he’ll do or how far he’ll go.

Elena wants Stefan to let her go and he says that maybe he will just turn her into a vampire. He speeds to Wickery Bridge (the same bridge her parents died on). He calls Klaus and tells him that he’s going to turn Elena into a vampire and he won’t have a blood source for his hybrids anymore. Klaus tells him that he won’t do it. Stefan rips open his arm and forces Elena to drink his blood. Klaus hears her struggling and screaming. He tells Stefan that he’s won he’ll make them leave. Stefan stops the car and Elena jumps out furious. She tells him that her parents died on this bridge... How could he do this? He says that he lost her the moment he left town and that getting even with Klaus is the only thing he has. She asks him if he’s trying to make her hate him and he says he doesn’t care what she thinks.

Matt takes Caroline home to her mom and Klaus shows up at her door. He says that he can save Caroline and he just wants the support of the sheriff. She invites him and he goes to Caroline’s bedroom. Caroline opens her eyes and sees Klaus.

She asks him if he’s going to kill her. He says “On your birthday? Do you really think that low of me?” She answers yes. He moves the blanket to look at her bite. He says “That looks bad. My apologies, you were collateral damage, nothing personal. I love birthdays.” Caroline asks him “Aren’t you like a billions years old or something?” Klaus smirks as says that she should ‘celebrate that you’re no longer bound by the trivial human conventions.” She tells him she’s dying. He says that he could let her die if that’s what she wants. That is she believes that her existence has no meaning. He’s thought about it once or twice over the centuries. But there is a whole world out there for her filled with great cities, art and music and genuine beauty and she can have all of it. She can have a thousand more birthdays, all she has to do is ask.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to die and he pushes up his sleeve and gently pulls her into his arms. He offers her his wrist and says “There you go sweetheart, have at it.” She groans and bites into his wrist. He rests his chin on her head and tells her “Happy Birthday Caroline.”

Damon drops Elena off at her house. He asks her if she’s going to be okay and says that she will have to be. He tells her that Stefan pushed Klaus to the limit and he blinked. Stefan won that round. She tells him that Stefan’s method sucked! He touches her chin and asks her again if she’s okay… she tells him that he can’t kiss her again and that it’s not right. He says he knows but that it’s right… it’s just not right now. He smiles at her and tells her goodnight. She stands and watches him leave.

The next morning Elena is hugging Jeremy and she tells him to be safe and he tells her that she has to let him go eventually, Alaric is waiting. Bonnie rushes up the steps and tells him that he wanted to say goodbye. They hug and he leaves.

Caroline wakes up healed and sees a jewelry box on her stand. The note card says “From Klaus” She opens it and sees a beautiful diamond bracelet.

Matt meets Elena at Wickery Bridge. He jokes, “You aren’t going to jump are you?” She laughs and says no. But she was thinking about the girl that should have died on that bridge and that girl would be disappointed in her. That girl would have never been in love with vampires. Matt says that the girl he used to know was a great girlfriend, but the girl she is now is a great friend. He plucks some flowers and gives the “old” Elena a funeral.

Dr. Fell finds Alaric is day drinking and she’s glad she’s not the only one. She confides that she lost a patient and he tells her he just put a kid on a plane. He tells her it’s a long story.

Sheriff Forbes calls Damon and he shows up at a crime scene. She says that it’s Brian Walters the medical examiner and Dr. Fell’s old boyfriend. He was stabbed with a stake but he wasn’t a vampire. It was a murder.


I have to say that I normally don't concentrate such effort on the dialogue between most characters in my blogs... but the discussion between Klaus and Caroline stunned me. This is the one time I've ever seen him show any emotion for anyone outside his family.

I am already dreading the end of the season where the gang will find a way to kill him and we can't see his more human side come out they way it did with Caroline. I think this is going to be a relationship that is going to develop a bit more and I really wish he didn't have to die.

What do you guys think about the budding relationship with Klaus and Caroline?

Do you think Damon will get more Elena time?

Who do you think is in the coffin that won't open. I have a really good idea who it is.......


blackroze37 AT said...

i actually kinda hope, klaus and caroline get together and he beceom 'humanish nice'. my 15yro thinks ,why he was nice to caroline, was he sees all the relationships and is lonely

Betty Turner said...

I've definitely jumped on the Klaus/Caroline boat. I really wish they would get together and he'd become more human and maybe he could stay on the show... but the writers probably already have his death in mind.... =(

I've often thought of Klaus as lonely, that's why he's trying to "make" a family and why he wanted Stefan to be his friend.