Friday, January 20, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Witness~

Jake is back and he tells Adam that he’s keeping an eye on Cassie. The council is going to use the ritual that they used to kill Cassie’s father… to kill her. Cassie tells him that she didn’t know about witch hunters being at the boat. He says that the only way to keep her safe if to figure out what ritual was used. He tells her that she knows where to find him

Adam tells Cassie that she can’t trust Jake and she says that she does because he cares about her. He tells her that he uses people.

Dawn and Diana are having coffee and they get Charles’s attention. He tells Dawn not to use his daughter against him. She says the circle is bound, they have two crystals and they are on the way to getting their power back. He knows she’s up to something and that he’s not helping since she wanted to kill his mom.

I’m not really sure what’s going on with Faye, Lee, and the new kid on the block Callum but it’s creepy/weird. Lee used to deal something named Devil’s Spirit and of course Faye is intrigued.

Jake snarkily asks Cassie did she get Adam’s permission to come see him. She wants to know if he wants to kill her. He tells her that if he did he would have left her in the school fire. He confides that he saw the fire that killed their parents but can’t remember what happened. He has a spell that can help her get into his memory and see what happened.

He tells Cassie, Diana, and Adam that he followed his parents and that he saw them on the boat but he can’t remember anything past that

Diana and Adam discuss Jake and the spell and that Diana tells him that she would do the spell with Jake if she could because she wants to know what happened

Jake and Cassie go to the boatyard to get something that was on the boat the night the fire happened. He says that he couldn’t find his parents and that he could hear other people on the boat.

Dawn goes to see Ethan and she says that she and Charles got into an argument and that he choked her. He has magic. Ethan says he’ll take care of Charles

Jake and Cassie do the memory spell and it works. They appear on the boat and can see Jake and Nick’s parents. They try to follow Jake’s parents and the Jake gets hurt with pain in his head. He can’t go on. Cassie breaks away from him and follows his parents. Jake is jerked back out of his memories but Cassie is still locked in.

Ethan calls Charles and tells him that he knows he has a crystal and that he killed Henry. Charles asks Ethan if he’s sober. And Ethan tells him that he’s as sober as a church mouse and that he’s going to tell the council.

Adam and Diana arrive in time to find Jake trying to shake Cassie out of his memories… but she’s watching what happened. The witch hunters were trying to kill her dad. They killed the other witches and tried to use a ritual to kill John Blackwell. It didn’t work and the fire started. A medallion falls from John Blackwell’s hand as he walks away from the pole he was tied to. The fire starts to choke Cassie and Adam, Diana, and Jake get her to breathe.

Adam demands that Jake goes back in and get Cassie. Adam helps him do the spell and he goes to get Cassie. He sees his mom and tries to get to her, but they wake up out of his memories. She tells the group that witch hunters betrayed their parents and the truce they offered was a trap. She says that she didn’t see anyone else but Ethan. Adam says that Ethan wasn’t there. She insists that she heard Ethan’s name and voice. She tells them that it was awful and she specifically tells Jake that his mom and dad were so brave and they wanted safety for Nick and him.

Charles shows up to talk to Ethan and Ethan knocks him out and takes the crystal. Charles tries to tell him that Dawn can’t be trusted, apparently that doesn’t matter to Ethan

Cassie goes to the boat looking for the medallion that she watched her father drop. Jake shows up and she tells him that maybe it should have stayed locked away. He said he wanted to know the truth and that it was so easy for the witch hunters to manipulate him and use him. She shows him the medallion and tells him that her father was wearing it and then dropped it. It saved him. He says he’s glad he came back. Cassie wants to know if this was the only reason he came back. He gives a soulful look and she tells him things are so complicated… she’s thinking about her dad and if he got off the ferry then he’s alive. Jake tells her that he is buried not too far from his parents.

Adam takes Diana home and she asks if Jake came back to hurt them. He says he doesn’t know what to believe. Diana tells him that Jake is in love with Cassie. Diana doesn’t know how to do this… to be friends and Adam tells her that she knows him better than anyone else

Dawn goes to see Ethan and wants to know if Charles hurt him. He tells her that he’s going to hold on to the crystal. Looks like Ethan isn’t a dumb as he can look.

Callum shows up and gives Faye a substance called Devil’s spirit.

Cassie and Jake are in the cemetery digging up her father’s grave. She tells him to wait and wipes away some of the dirt from his headstone and then tells him that she realizes that it’s insane. Jake opens the grave and they find animal remains. Cassie father is not buried in his grave…………………….

I really enjoyed tonight's episode!

I'm so glad Jake is back because I hate the non-chemistry between Cassie and Adam. Adam seems like he's weaker than Cassie and he can't keep up with her. Jake seems to be tough and strong enough while still giving Cassie those looks filled with feelings.

I wish Faye would get smarter. I know she's not stupid but she needs to wake up and realize that the world does not revolve around Faye.

What do you guys think? Team Jake/Cassie or Team Adam/Cassie?

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