Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ The Ties That Bind~

Bonnie has another dream about the coffins and how to open them. The dreams keep pointing toward her mom.

Elena and Bonnie are going through records of all the Abby Bennett’s listed in the US. They come to an understanding about Jeremy’s safety and what Elena did. Damon pops up and compelled someone to dig more deeply into the records and found a match for Abby Bennett. He wants to go, Elena, tells him no.

Bonnie notices the sparks flying between the two. Bonnie asks what is going on and Damon spills the beans that they kissed.

Tyler shows up at Caroline’s to apologize and he’s got her dad with him. They say that her dad can break the sire-bond to Klaus. Caroline agrees to try.

Alaric invites Meredith to dinner.

Damon tells Alaric that there is two red flags about Meredith, one her ex called her a psychopath, and two; he ended up dead with a stake through his heart.

Klaus shows up at the Salvatore house and he’s blasting the stereo. He says he’s enjoying their stalemate. He wants to know how “crazy Stefan” is working out and does he have any friends left?

Bonnie and Elena are on a road trip to see her mom and she wants Elena to spill details on kissing Damon. Bonnie asks if it was good and Elena says it doesn’t matter it won’t happen again. Bonnie doesn’t look impressed. Stefan calls Elena and wants to know where they’re going. Elena tells him that they are going to the lake house and Stefan knows they are going to see Bonnie’s mom because he’s in Elena’s house looking at the information for Abby.

Klaus calls his hybrid and tells him to go to Abby’s house and do what they talked about.

Bonnie and Elena show up at Abby’s house, but she isn’t home. Jamie greets them and Bonnie is relived to know that they aren’t related.

Caroline’s dad has tied up Tyler and tells him that he has to turn so that he doesn’t feel like he owes Klaus anything. If he can turn with no pain then Klaus didn’t do him much of a favor. They make Caroline leave and Bill makes Tyler angry enough to turn and he breaks free from the chains.

In an awkward family reunion, Abby tells Elena that she was best friends with her mom. Then a vampire came to town looking for the doppelganger. Abby used her magic to bind Mikael and took him to the cemetery in Charlotte and didn’t come back. Her magic was gone.

Elena leaves Bonnie and Abby alone and Stefan shows up telling Elena that it’s a nice lake house…

Damon shows up at the hospital and confronts Meredith. She injects Damon with vervain and blood-jacks him.

Jamie hears Stefan and Elena arguing and comes to help. Stefan thinks he compels Jamie to stay out of it, but Jamie goes to get a shotgun full of wood bullets and shoots Stefan. He tells them that someone arrived earlier and told him that if anyone interfered he would have to kill himself. He ties up Elena and leaves Stefan writhing in pain.

Inside the house, Abby uses a herb to make Bonnie pass out and mutes her magic. Elena sees Abby dragging Bonnie out of the house. After they leave she asks Jamie what did they say about her. He says that she was not to be hurt. She tells Jamie that the ropes are hurting her. He loosens them and she whacks him in the head with the gun and rushes to help Stefan.

Damon tells Alaric that his doctor (Meredith) vervained him and then blood jacked him. He was right that she was a psychopath.

Bonnie’s mom takes her to the hybrid and makes her tell where the coffins are located. But Abby does give Bonnie her phone to warn her friends.

Klaus is at the witch’s house when Damon shows up and he says that he will tear him from limb to limb andt hen only when Damon is a writhing mass of blood will he rip his heart from his chest. Damon just smirks and the coffins appear. But one is missing. Klaus makes a smart remark about Damon hiding behind his witchy friends and in squalor no less and the witches take offense and use their power to floor Klaus. He threatens to kill the whole Bennett line and they stop. Damon tells him that he wants the missing coffin more that he wants to kill him.

Alaric goes to the hospital to find out what is going on with Meredith. She tells him that she gave Damon enough vervain to keep him out for hours and he tells her that Damon drinks it. She shows him that she uses the blood to save people that wouldn’t normally survive. Bill Forbes comes in from an actual animal attack and she uses Damon’s blood to save him.

Elena is trying to help Stefan and she digs around near his heart and pulls out the wood. He says that she’s changed, she’s strong and tougher. She says that we all had to change. He says it’s good to know. She tells him that she has to tell him something and that she doesn’t feel guilty about what she did, she feels guilty that he doesn’t know. She tells him that she kissed Damon. He looks wounded and gets up and walks away. She goes after him and begs him to say something. He admits the bridge and the blood was too far. She says thank you. Stefan says she shouldn’t have lied to him with Klaus still alive someone needs to be with her. She tells Stefan that she didn’t plan on kissing Damon. He tells her that she’s better than Damon—that she’s better than the both of them. She kinda looks pissed.

Bonnie is still talking to Abby and she tells Bonnie that she kept her end of the bargain and Jamie is safe. Bonnie starts to leave and Abby wants to help. Bonnie says she can’t because she has no magic. Abby is willing to get it back even though she doesn’t want it so she can help Bonnie.

Tyler goes to see Bill to apologize because he lost control again. Bill tells him that he has to change many more times to stop hurting. He has too or he won’t let Tyler near Caroline.

Alaric shows Meredith that he’s a vampire hunter—well semi-retired. Meredith tells him that he’s trying to get out of taking her to dinner and wants to know how he survived getting hit by a truck. He shows her the ring and won’t let her touch it. She asks him if he’s afraid she’s supernatural… They kiss and Elena interrupts them. Meredith leaves and Alaric is embarrassed. Elena tells him that it’s okay… he moved in to take care of them when he didn’t have too. Jenna is gone and it’s okay to move on.

Stefan arrives home and Damon is there. He observes that Damon is still alive. Damon tells him that he was only able to get out the one coffin. Damon asks how Elena is and Stefan punches him in the face. Damon says that he takes it that the two of them had a chat. Stefan starts to walk away and Damon says they should talk about this…. He pulls a dagger out from behind his back. Stefan’s is shocked and he says… What did you do!?

Klaus’s hybrid wants to know what his plans are… but Klaus doesn’t have a chance to answer. Before he turns around Elijah has ripped the heart out of the hybrid and says “Hello Nicklaus, what have I missed?”

I hate to say it... but I really wasn't excited about tonight's episode... and NO not just because Damon and Elena had only a short amount of screen time.

The episode just seemed sluggish and too much of Bonnie and her Mama drama. I want Bonnie to be a strong-kick ass--witch who doesn't take anyone's crap. She seems too weak and helpless sometimes. I really wish the writers would flesh out her character more.

Also seriously--Damon's a vampire--who has supernatural speed--and he can't get 5 coffins out of the old house?? This doesn't seem right to me. He could have called Carolin if he had needed that much help. It just wasn't believable that he couldn't move those coffins.

By the way.... ELIJAH IS BACK!!! Just had to get that out of my system. :)

What were your thoughts? Did you like this episode or did you feel it was more of a filler and a waste of time?