Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Medallion~

Cassie and Adam have a chat about not trusting Jake and that Adam cares about Cassie. He brings up the kiss and walks away.

Faye and Jake run into each other and Jake tells her that jealousy isn’t a good look on her. She tells him that Cassie isn’t his type.

A mysterious woman turns up on Cassie’s doorstep and tells her that she’s been reliving the memory of the boat fire for the past 16 years. She was the one that told Cassie that she didn’t belong on the boat during Jake’s memory trip. Lucy Gibbons is a physic that realized that Cassie was visiting and not actually there. Lucy was close with the old circle. She says she thought John Blackwell died and the medallion was lost. Cassie tells her that she has it. She agrees to meet with Lucy later.

Dawn is unpacking groceries when mysterious cuts appear on her hand. Ethan shows up and tells her that he will get the crystal back and the next time she crosses him will be her last.

Ethan tells Diana that he wants to throw Adam a surprise party. He also apologizes for hurting her and assures her that Adam cares about her.

Jake and Cassie are fiddling with the medallion and the house starts to shake around them. She tells Jake to run but Cassie can’t move. He tackles her and the shaking stops. They have a tender moment of staring into each other’s eyes and they get interrupted by Adam who wants to know what the hell is going on.

Adam tells Cassie that she doesn’t know Jake and even though she’s trying to protect them, she doesn’t know what the medallion can do. She agrees that he’s right.

Jake wants to know if they are done and Cassie glares at him and says they’re going to see Lucy.

Melissa and Faye are partaking in some Devil’s spirit so Melissa can wake up her “inner Melissa”.

Cassie and Jake show up to see Lucy and she tells them she’s a psychic. Cassie tells Lucy that the medallion is how her father escaped. Lucy tells them that it needs to be unlocked and activated and she can get the spell. Cassie tells Lucy to meet at her father’s old house.

Dawn warns Lucy that she was marked and was told to never return to Chance Harbor. Dawn wants her to find the other crystals for penance for betraying the circle long ago.

Cassie and Jake realize the medallion is gone and she realizes that Adam is the only one who knows where her hiding spot is.

Ethan and Adam have a nice father son moment.

Faye and Melissa are at the party getting high on Devil’s Spirit. Melissa says she feels shiny

Diana and Ethan make speeches about Adam and him always doing the right thing.

Ethan and Charles have a chat about the things they have in common and that Diana and Adam have a lot of affection for each other. Charles says he needed a visit from his mother to realize how many bad choices he’s made. He drugs Ethan’s drink.

Cassie tells Adam happy birthday. He gives Cassie the medallion back and he tells her that she needs to be careful around Jake. He has killed witches for being what she is.

Callum and Melissa have eye sex while Faye wants to know if he brought the drugs. Jake interrupts them and tells Callum to get lost.

Adam thanks his dad for the party and the effort that he’s making. Ethan tells him that he’s not feeling well but hasn’t been drinking. He goes and passes out because of the drug that Charles gave him.

Cassie and Jake have a conversation about Adam wanting to protect her and she wants to know if he’s killed witches before. He stays silent and she walks away.

Cassie gathers the circle to meet at the old house to activate the medallion.

Lucy shows up at Dawn’s house and tells her that she was always on the right side… just not hers and then she stabs Dawn.

Charles searches through Ethan’s clothes and gets the crystal back. He then goes to see Dawn and finds that she’s been stabbed. He uses the crystal to bring her back and she’s grateful.

Lucy shows up a little late and they convene their circle. After chanting for a while, Melissa starts to wobble. She realizes it feels the same as the spell that Faye and Lee did at the school. Cassie agrees something is not right and realizes the medallion is sucking their magic not unlocking. She turns her own magic on Lucy and the fire almost burns Lucy. Cassie demands to know where her father is and Lucy swears she doesn’t know where he is. Cassie tells Lucy to leave Chance Harbor and never come back. Lucy takes off running and Adam starts after her, Cassie tells him to let her go… she’s not coming back

Jake tells Cassie that he will help her and she tells him that she doesn’t think that’s a good idea that she’s nothing like him.

Melissa goes to meet Callum and he provides her with more Devil’s Spirit and she tells him that he reminds her of an old boyfriend. He warns her to be careful. She tells him that she can take care of herself. He smirks and says “No doubt.”

Jake calls Faye and she meets with him. They are immediately all over each other kissing.

Lucy meets with a witch hunter who tells her that she failed. She was supposed to bring the medallion back to him. He steps into the light and his face is burned. He was apparently on the boat the night of the fire. She tells him Cassie was too strong, he tells her that he’ll see for himself and cuts her throat.

Cassie is alone with the medallion and the house starts to shake… you hear her whisper “Daddy?”

My thoughts....

Jake and Faye how could you? You belong with Cassie not Faye. Ewwww. That's my thoughts on that one.

Melissa and Callum had sparks flying between them and I'm not so sure that's a good thing, but it was certainly hot and Melissa NEEDS a distraction. Other than drugs--and Faye.

Adam and Diana just need to get back together. This is getting old and painful.

Charles saving Dawn was a surprise.... I wonder if he thought about letting her die.

Way to go Cassie! I'm so proud! She's become strong and does not need a boy to save her. She can pretty much set fire to whomever she wants, but isn't is time for a love interest that is her own and isn't out to kill/lie/want another girl??

What did you guys think? Any thoughts?


Prangon: The Nerd In Heels said...

Jake and Faye how could you? You belong with Cassie not Faye. Ewwww LOL
Yeah didn't see that one coming. I am just going to surf through net for Jake/Cassi spoilers I think.

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