Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Bringing out the Dead~

Elijah tells Klaus they have a lot to discuss. They fight and Klaus pulls a dagger out of Kol to stab Elijah. Elijah warns him that he’ll have to deal with Kol instead. Klaus wants Elijah to help him destroy Stefan.

Alaric is hung over again. He whiskey dialed Meredith at 2 am. Elena tells him not to feel guilty about moving on.

Sheriff Forbes shows up with the stake that was used to kill the medical examiner and it has Elena’s prints on it. Alaric confirms it’s from the lake house and one of theirs.

Elena calls Damon (who happens to be walking around in a field) and tells him about the Sheriff’s visit. He says that it must be Alaric’s psycho girlfriend. Alaric says “you’re on speakerphone Dick.” Damon tells them he has to go that he’s having tea with an old friend. Damon greets Elijah as his favorite original. He wants to know if Elijah has any idea what “Klaus killing weapon” is in that coffin.

Stefan bullies Bonnie and her mom into hurrying up with the coffin. Stefan can’t go into the cave where they are working on the coffin because if he goes in, vampires can’t get out. (remember this part—it’s important later)

Elena confronts Stefan about the medical examiner’s death. He wants to know if she had asked Damon about who’s he has killed recently.

Meredith asks Caroline if she can get her dad to calm down because he’s pissed she used vampire blood to save him. Caroline realizes that her dad has left the hospital so she calls him. She hears his cell phone ringing and she and Elena goes to find him. They find him stabbed and dead—with vampire blood in his system. He wakes up and he tells Caroline that he isn’t going to feed. He’s willing to die.

Bonnie and her mom realize that it takes two to open the coffin. So they repeat the spell.

Damon tells Stefan that he and Elijah have scheduled an old fashioned sit down between him and Klaus. Stefan says he’s not going and Damon mans up and tells him to get over it… he kissed Elena and if it weren’t for Klaus turning him into a huge dick, that kiss wouldn’t have happened. So get dressed and get happy

Alaric takes inventory of everything and has to admit that Meredith had a chance to take the things used to kill the founding family members. Elena tells Alaric to be careful.

Elijah and Klaus meet with Damon and Stefan. A stressful dinner ensues with snarky comments and snarky looks being passed between the four men. Klaus finds it amusing that the triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena mimics the triangle between not only Katherine—Klaus—and Elijah but also an earlier triangle between Klaus—Elijah—and the original doppelganger Tatia. Klaus tells them it was Tatia’s blood that was in the wine that made them vampires. Klaus tells Damon and Stefan that the best thing for Elena is for her to marry a human and lead a long healthy life. To have kids and grow old with someone safe. She is in too much danger with the Salvatore brothers because of their feud

Elena sits with Caroline while they wait on her dad to die a natural death. They discuss everything from Tyler possibly killing the founding family members, to Meredith. Elena shares her hopes that Alaric has a normal girlfriend and not a murderer. Caroline decides she’ll force her dad to feed so that he can live. Elena tells her that this is last choice and he should be able to make it. Caroline cries and Elena comforts her. Matt shows up and helps.

Bonnie gets angry with her mom and tells her that she’s not trying. She says that the witches are mad at her. Bonnie counters that with the fact that she isn’t open to it. She needs help. They try the spell again and it sounds like it unlocks. Bonnie says they’re close and runs out to text Damon. Left alone with the coffin Bonnie’s mom gets a scare when something thumps inside coffin and tries to open the lid.

Stefan tells Klaus to get his coffin back that he and the originals would leave Mystic Falls and never return. Klaus says that he won’t leave Elena behind and that the worst thing for Elena Gilbert is the two of them. Damon gets up and says he needs some air. Klaus offers Stefan a woman to drink from.

Matt walks Elena home and tells her that their town is just messed up and none of them should have to live that way. The lights won’t turn on in Elena’s house and she sees bloody foot prints and hand prints all over the place. She finds Alaric stabbed in the hallway. He tells her he doesn’t know who stabbed him and that she has to kill him since she’s supernatural—the doppelganger—and he’ll come back.

Stefan accuses Klaus of trying to drive a wedge between him and Damon. Klaus tells him he’s doing a good job of that on his own. Stefan tells him to make an counter offer to his and Klaus tells him that he offers Elena’s future happiness. “She needs to be rid of the lot of you and maybe marry that nice football player.” Stefan looks like he’s going to agree and shakes Klaus’s hand, but then tells him no deal. Klaus breaks his arm and holds Stefan’s hand in the fire.

Damon tries to stop him but Elijah keeps him pinned to the wall. He instructs Damon to go get the coffin and he’ll let Stefan live. He also tells Elijah to go with him. Stefan tells Klaus to just kill him and Klaus wants to know where the fight has gone… where was the ripper?

Caroline spends some time with her dad and begs him to not leave her. In a touching moment he tells her that this is what it means to be human. He dies.

Elijah turns back up in the door way and asks Klaus where are your manners—you forgot to offer dessert. He flips the cloth off a silver tray and there are three daggers on it. Klaus looks frightened. It seems Elijah and Damon pulled the daggers out of Kol, Fin, and Rebekah. All four siblings are un-daggered and PISSED. Elijah tells Damon and Stefan to leave… this is family business. Fin stabs Klaus through the hand and Kol takes a shot. He turns to run and Rebekah stabs him in the stomach tell him “This is for our mother.” He screams that he can’t be killed. Elijah agrees, but they are leaving him alone. Rebekah vows to kill that doppelganger wench and he’ll be alone… “forever and always.”

Elena and Matt are still sitting with Alaric and she tells him that she can’t lose any more family. She cries in his arms. Alaric wakes up and he doesn’t know who killed him.

Damon and Stefan take a walk through the woods and Stefan tells Damon that taking the dagger out of Elijah was a good idea. Stefan admits that he loves Elena. Damon says he does too.

Damon and Stefan go to the cave where Bonnie and Abby were. They find them passed out. Stefan says whatever was in that coffin is gone.

As the Original siblings are preparing to leave Klaus alone and without a blood source for more hybrids, the door opens and in walks their mother. The children are shocked.

She walks up to Klaus and asks him if he knows why she’s there. He says you’re here to kill me. She tells him that he’s her son and that she forgives him. She then turns to the rest and say I want all of us to be a family again.

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