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The Secret Circle ~The Return~

Cassie tells Melissa she’s moving back into her grandma’s house since she’s coming back. Charles is surprised to hear that Jane is coming back.

Cassie goes home to find her door open. She grabs an umbrella and yells that she's called the police. Jake is inside and he says he saw something. They find a circle of ash and salt around the house. The witch hunters are in Chance Harbor. Jake tells her that Issac was furious when he told him the medallion was destroyed. She tells him that she can take care of herself and he mocks her for using the umbrella, but she tells him with a little personal magic it can be a weapon and she lightly zaps him with power through the umbrella. He leaves.

Cassie got a job working at the coffee shop and she sucks at it. Adam shows her how to carry the tray and tells her where the orders go. She confides in him that someone was in her house, probably witch hunters and that she moved out of Diana’s even though Jane isn’t really on her way home.

Faye and Melissa are in the coffee shop and Faye is needling Cassie. Callum comes in and invites them to a party. Melissa tells Faye that Callum can be trusted.

Cassie lies to her grandma about staying with Dianna when she calls to check in. Someone knocks on Cassie’s door. “Hello Cassie. My name is John Blackwell. I’m your father.” Cassie wants to know how does she know he’s her father and he tells her that she senses it. She tells him that she’s gotten used to him not being around and he needs to go. He wants her to meet him at the boardwalk in a hour and nobody can know he’s here. He stayed away to protect her and her mother.

Adam shows up and asks Cassie to see a movie or get something to eat. She tells him that something came up, but she can meet him later. She breaks down and tells him that her father showed up. That he came back because he felt her activate the medallion. Adam warns her that he’s here for something other than to protect her. Cassie insists she can find out the truth.

Faye gets a call from Diana that she hasn’t heard from Melissa. Diana is worried after everything that happened with the Devil’s Spirit. Faye tells Diana that Melissa went to Callum’s party and they probably need to go get her. Diana and Faye go to Lee’s house to find out where Callum’s place is. Lee insists they aren’t going alone and that Callum will use people to get what he wants.

Cassie meets John on the boardwalk and she tells him that she doesn’t him. I don’t know where to start. I’m sure I don’t trust you. He tells her that she has to give him the medallion. She realizes that he came there for only one thing. She tells him she destroyed the medallion and that she doesn’t need his protection. She leaves and gets into her car. Eben the witch hunter is in her car and he grabs her.

At Callum’s party, Melissa asks Callum about his ‘voodoo’ and Callum tells Melissa that Lee is a total scammer. He gives her a totem and he says he’ll do all the work. He slams his ‘power’ into her and she likes it.

Diana, Faye, and Lee arrive at Callum’s place and Diana tells Faye that Lee is protective of her and its sweet. Faye scoffs and goes off to find Melissa.

John Blackwell is at his old house and Jake comes looking for her. Jake tells John that they found salt ash around her house and the witch hunters are in town. John sets off to find Cassie and Jake follows him.

Jake goes and finds Eben and offers up John Blackwell in return for Cassie’s life. Evan agrees.

Cassie wakes up and Eben says he didn’t expect to see John Blackwell again. Cassie says “You’re afraid of him.” They drop stuff in Cassie’s eyes and mouth.

John goes to see Adam and Ethan interrupts. He tells John he needs to leave. John tells him that they have unfinished business, but he has to find his daughter.

Jake is outside the boathouse waiting on John and he tells him that the witch hunters have Cassie. They go to confront them.

Back at Callum’s, he locks Melissa in with him and demands to know what she is. She tells him that if she actually has as much power as he thinks she does, does he really want to test it. He lets her leave and she runs into Faye and Diana. Diana tells him that Adam just called and Cassie’s in trouble. Melissa tells Faye that the totem actually takes power… not give it. Faye confronts Lee and tells him that she can’t believe she trusted him. The group leaves.

Jake trades his life for Cassie’s and she goes with her dad. Eben tells Jake that Cassie will take care of killing her father for them.

Callum confronts Lee and he knows about Faye and Melissa being witches. He tells Lee that he’s using Faye, but Lee warns Callum to stay away from them.

Cassie is spelled to kill her dad and she starts doing a spell and circles him in a ring of fire. She begs him to stop her, knock her down or something. He refuses to hurt her and she continues to do the spell.

Jake is at the mercy of the witch hunters. He tells Eben that they had a deal. Eben goads him and tells him that his father said nearly the same thing. Adam bursts onto the scene and magically throws Eben against a tree impaling him on a limb. The rest of the circle shows up and Jake tells them that Cassie is spelled to kill her dad.

The group finds Cassie and her dad and they use a spell to stop her and break the link to the spell. Adam coaches Cassie to repeat the spell for them. They break the spell and John tells Cassie that after the fire the elders stripped her mother’s powers and it affected him. Dark magic took everything he ever cared about. She wants to know how Evan spelled her if he’s not a witch and John tells her that he and Evan go way back. He’s not a witch but he must be working with one. I am not the man I used to be. I care about keeping you safe. I destroyed it. Now there is every reason. You can’t protect yourself. Eben spelled me. How? Eben and I go a long way back. Then he’s working with one. But until I find out, I’m staying right here in Chance Harbor. He tells Cassie that he is not the man he used to be. He cares about keeping her safe and he’s not leaving Chance Harbor.

Faye comes home to find Lee in her room. He tells her that he would never do anything to hurt her. She nastily tells him that “Nothing says I care like a power sucking totem.” He takes the totem and snaps it in half and they start to make out.

Elsewhere….. Lee’s girlfriend is wide awake.

John goes to see Jake. Jake tells him that iIt was the only way to stop the witch hunters. John thanks him for saving his daughter’s life. He tells Jake that he knows he cares for her and that they should work together. John warns him that tonight is only the beginning of the hunters coming for them

While John and Jake are preparing to protect Cassie, she goes to the boathouse and she cuddles with Adam.


My Thoughts...

I have to say that I was just a little disappointed in John Blackwell. To find out that he doesn't have any powers, much less "evil" powers was a huge let down. The whole season was talking about her father and he was evil incarnate... and.... NOTHING. I can only hope that he's lying and hiding his power.

What did you guys think about John Blackwell. Do you think he has hidden intentions and is hiding his power?

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