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The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ All My Children~

Elena wakes up and checks her phone. No call from either Stefan or Damon. She calls Damon and tells him that she’s called him ten times. She says that they need to talk and if he’s upset about last night then he needs to get over it. He assures her that he’s been busy and he’s over it. He ends the call and turns over to Rebekah still in his bed.

Damon walks Rebekah to the door and she tells him that she expects he will come calling soon enough. Damon opens the door and Elena is standing there. Rebekah smirks and leaves. Elena demands to know if Damon had stopped taking vervain and wants to know what is wrong with him. She realizes that he has slept with Rebekah on purpose and she accuses him of lashing out at her. Elena shares that she’s upset in her part of killing Elijah and Damon tells her it’s a win/win. Stefan comes in and agrees with Damon. She doesn’t need to screw this plan up too.

Rebekah completes her walk of shame and Kol calls her a strumpet, but is envious she’s having fun. Klaus agrees to take him out to have fun since Kol brings up the whole ‘dagger in the back’ thing.

Elijah tells Rebekah that he’s worried about their mother. She was burning sage and doing a privacy spell. He tells her that Esther hates what they are.

Elena and Bonnie are trying to replicate the privacy spell and Caroline is helping them by listening outside the door. Elena is venting about Damon and Caroline assures them the spell isn’t working and she can hear every word about “Damon the vampire gigolo.” Bonnie tells Elena that Esther came to see her and Abby and that she wanted to introduce herself since she’s channeling their entire bloodline. She wants their help and the original children will be dead by midnight. Elena looks shocked.

Damon is impressed that both he and Stefan stood up to Elena. He also tells Stefan that it’s not his fault that Elena was jealous he slept with Rebekah. Stefan points out that Rebekah just tried to kill her less than 48 hours ago. Damon scoffs and tells him that he can go sweep her off her feet but make sure she doesn’t screw up Esther’s plan.

Elijah shows up at Elena’s and he wants her to go with him. He takes her to the woods where their original settlement was. She tells him that she couldn’t imagine the place over a thousand years ago. He shows her where the caves used to be that he played in and where the wild horses grazed. He alludes to the caves under the area that kept them safe from the savagery of the full moon. He tells her that he’s disappointed that she lied to him because it’s not in her nature. She tries to tell him she didn’t and he points out that her heart rate jumps when she lies. He tells her that Esther lied to them saying that she wanted them to be a family. He says that she wishes she could help and he says you need to be careful what you wish for. He stomps a hole through to the caves, grabs her and jumps through it.

Elena tries to find her way out of the caves and Rebekah confronts her. She tells Elena that Elijah said not to kill her unless she runs.

Damon calls Alaric because they can't find Elena. He’s with Meredith and Damon tells him that he’ll deal with Elena. Meredith tells him that his CT scans were clear and maybe he was compelled to forget who stabbed him

Klaus and Kol are at the Grill and tell Alaric and Meredith they’re there just to blow off some steam and Kol seems intrigued by Meredith.

Abby wants to know who’s the creep lurky guy and Bonnie that it’s Finn one of the sons. Esther is please to work with the witches that locked away Mikael and fought Klaus so bravely. Esther wants to bring peace and balance to nature.

Damon returns home and Elijah tells him and Stefan that he has Elena and Rebekah will kill her if they don’t stop his mother. Damon tells him that he’s a little rusty on killing a thousand year old witches. Elijah tells them that Esther is drawing power from the Bennett bloodline. The line must be broken. He wants one of the Bennett witches dead. Stefan and Damon both balk at the idea and Elijah reminds them that Rebekah will take great pleasure in killing Elena.

Rebekah gets a call from Elijah and tells Elena that the brothers are going to save her. It’s annoying—but makes her the perfect hostage.

Damon comes up with a plan to dagger one of the children and all of them should react to the effects of the one being daggered. They enlist the help of Caroline, Alaric and Meredith to distract Kol and Klaus.

Caroline walks into the bar and goads Klaus into following her outside and tells him that his expensive jewelry and his romantic drawings won’t win her over. He begs her to get to know him and she tells him that she’s too smart to be seduced by him

Esther had made the pentagram and is preparing for the spell. She mumbles a lot.

Meredith gets the attention of Kol and she tells him to get lost. He tells her that he likes pretty little things with a sharp tongue. Alaric comes up to him and confronts him and daggers Kol. Meredith and Alaric carries him out of the grill. and Meredith—why don’t you get lost—I like pretty little things with sharpe tongues—

At the same time, Rebekah starts to turn grey like she was daggered. Finn also turns grey and falls much to the annoyance of Esther. She knows something is wrong. Klaus doesn’t react the same way, but he knows something is wrong. He yells at Caroline and she swears she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He takes off to find Kol.

Klaus confronts the group—Alaric, Meredith, Stefan, and Damon and tosses Alaric aside and pulls the dagger from Kol.

Elena takes the chance and runs. She gets into the area where no vampires are allowed before Rebekah can catch her. Rebekah tells her that the tough act doesn’t suit her and she goes and finds a gasoline can. She douses Elena with Gasoline and then tosses it around the cave. She lights it on fire and tells Elena she can come out or burn.

Meredith takes Alaric to her place and tells him that he might have a concussion. He asks about Elena and she tells him that Damon and Stefan will take care of Elena and she will take care of him.

Damon and Stefan realize they have no choice but to break the Bennett bloodline and they realize that Elena will hate one of them. They flip a coin to see who does it.

Elijah, Kol, and Klaus show up at the ritual their mother is doing. Elijah tells her that killing her own children is an atrocity. Klaus threatens to send her back to hell. She tells them they are monsters. She felt every death and she suffered with the blood they spilled. They are a curse on this earth. She tells them they’ve wasted their time.

Stefan confronts Bonnie and he tells her that Elijah will kill Elena and they have to stop it. Bonnie tells him that Esther is channeling their bloodline. He tells her they have to find another way. Meanwhile Damon has grabbed Abby and seemingly snaps neck.

Outside the fires flare and they all realize the link has been broken. Finn and Esther are gone.

Rebekah tells Elena she can come out now that the boys have turned your witch friend’s mom into a vampire. You’re free to go.

Bonnie is with her mom while she goes through the transition. Caroline won’t let Elena see Bonnie because in reality Elena is the reason all the bad stuff keeps happening to Bonnie.

Damon says everything is right in the world again, now that Elena is safe. Stefan tells him that he lost the coin toss, it should have been him that turned Abby. Damon tells him that he’s not blind… Stefan wants to be the ‘old’ Stefan. Stefan tells him that part of him is gone. Damon scoffs and asks him when was the last time he drank human blood? He admits he hasn’t drunk since he almost drove Elena off the Wickery bridge. Damon smirks and says “you’re welcome.” Stefan tells Damon that he still loves her. Damon admits that he does and he thought he could win her fair and square. But Elena doesn’t want him. It’s for the best because he’s better at being the bad guy.

At home Elena finds a note from Elijah. He tells her that he did things he abhors to protect his family. If anyone can understand, Elena can. He will always carry his regret always and forever.

Rebekah storms into the house and wants to know where the bloody hell is everyone. Elijah tells her that they have no mother, only Esther. But she was right… for all his talk of virtue; he maims and kills to get what he wants. He admits to using Rebekah’s hate of Elena to use her. Rebekah tells him it was to protect them. He tells her that their mother made them vampires, but they turned themselves into monsters.

While throwing his drawings of Caroline into the fire, Klaus tells Rebekah that he thought she’d be gone by now. He tells her that Elijah is leaving and that Kol, Esther, and Finn fled. Rebekah tells him that even though he killed their mother, he was the only one who has never left her. She tells him that there is a sapling of the great white oak tree that can kill them. It’s not over.

Alaric wakes up and goes through Meredith’s things. He finds a knife and she tells him he wasn’t supposed to see that. He looks up and she has a gun. She shoots him.

I hate to admit this, but I am getting so tired of Elena already... she is in no way my favorite character. At this point Caroline is my favorite girl, although she keeps getting sucked into Elena's problems and messing up a relationship with Klaus.

I know Klaus is doomed to die and a relationship with Caroline is futile... but I can ALWAYS hope.

I am glad Damon and Stefan both stood up to Elena, but I can already see Stefan sliding back into that docile Elena drone. UGH......

So what are your thoughts on the episode?

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Prangon: The Nerd In Heels said...

I am rethinking continuing this series. I loved it so far but Damon going soft and then rough and now Stfan is in the path to jump on the Elena bandwagon I am not sure..
And I really REALLY hope Caroline and Klaus has something, and he doesn't die.. well don't die 'permanently' They are so cute and cuddly sort of romantic together!