Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Valentine~

Faye and Jake wake up together and she’s “trying” to sneak out but wakes him up. He basically tells her to get out but they end up doing the deed AGAIN. Let me return to my comment from last week… Ewww I am not amused.

Faye Diana—I felt a clear connection to my father—I’m goingto go try again—not relying on a guy

Faye and Melissa plan a slumber party and Melissa invites Diana and Cassie.

Adam asks Cassie what she was talking to Jake about. She tells Adam that she told him that he doesn’t know me at all. Adam asks her out for Valentine ’s Day and she tells him that she’s going to Faye’s for a slumber party. She tells him that she can go another day.

A hooded figure is watching Cassie as she runs out to her car to get a book.

Lee turns up at Faye’s place and brings her some sort of power totem. He tells her to leave it by the bed.

Jake is talking Issac (the witch hunter) and he tells Issac that he saw what Issac did to his parents. Issac tells Jake that John Blackwell led them to slaughter. Issac wants the medallion and Jake tells him that he’s not going to let him hurt Cassie. Issac tells him that evil will start to come for Cassie and they can’t stop it as long as she has the medallion.

Cassie is at the house heading into the basement when she actually sees the hooded figure waiting for her and the screams and runs back up the stairs. She runs into Adam and she tells him what she saw. Oddly enough he suggests that she talks to Jake because he has the most information on the witch hunters.

Diana and Melissa accidently break the “doll” (power totem) that Lee gave to Faye. Diana tells Melissa that she doesn’t really belong at Faye’s and Melissa assures her that she wants her there. She shows Diana the Devil’s Spirit that she has and Diana tries it.

Jake and Cassie are talking about the symbols on the robe that she saw and he tells her it’s from the Medaris clan. Their whole clan was wiped out years ago. She doesn’t seem impressed that ghosts are coming after her now.

Diana and Melissa are high and they do a “spell” to make the pizza guy hot. Diana says she’s going to make out with the pizza guy. The doorbell rings and Melissa runs for it, flings it open and kisses Lee

Cassie is gathering her things to head over to Faye’s and there are two hooded figures outside her window.

Lee warns Faye again about Devil’s Spirit and the damage it can do.

Diana tells Cassie that it’s girls night and she doesn’t want to talk about Adam.

Jake goes to talk to Issac again and he tells him that Cassie is being haunted by a dead witch. Issac tells him that their blood spilled in a church not far from where they are. John Blackwell killed them all and took their powers. That medallion holds their powers. Those witches will come for them since Cassie has activated it, every dead witch within miles and miles will come for her. It holds the power of a thousand dead souls.

Cassie is telling Diana (who is still high) that she saw a ghost in the basement of the old house. Cassie says that she just can’t talk to dead people. Faye says that maybe they can. She brings out a Ouija board and Cassie uses the medallion as a pointer. It spells out “Sacred.” Cassie tells Melissa that she’s going to go see Adam because she’s not in a partying mood and she’s bringing them down. She leaves.

Jake comes looking for Cassie and Melissa tells him that she’s with Adam.

Cassie is driving to Adam’s and the medallion starts to choke her. She wrecks.

Jake rushes over to Adam’s and he tells Adam the story and that they have to find Cassie before the witches do.

Cassie crawls out of her car and confronts the two hooded figures and then chases them through the woods.

Adam calls Diana and wants to know where Cassie is. She snarkily tells him it's ironic him and Jake both looking for Cassie and she hangs up on him.

Jake and Adam realize she’s headed for the sacred ground of the church and if she’s in the church she can’t use her magic.

Faye asks Diana how it feel being replaced by Cassie. Diana tells Faye that she’s just jealous about her friendship with Melissa. They realize that Melissa is nowhere to be found. They find her seizing on the floor. They rush her to the bathroom and make her vomit.

Cassie ends up in the church and surrounded by the ghosts. They possess Adam and they tell her they want the medallion. They threaten to cut Adam’s wrist if they don’t get it. She ends up using it to make them leave.

Jake tells Issac that the ghosts are gone. Issac is pissed that Jake didn’t bring back the medallion.

Melissa admits to Faye that she screwed up back in Junior High School by ignoring Melissa. But she vows she’s not leaving Melissa again

Lee visits his girlfriend that is apparently in the hospital. He gives her the match to the totem he gave to Faye.

Faye tells Melissa and Diana that Lee says Devil’s Spirit is dangeround. Diana tells her that he’s a really good kisser. They end up having a pillow fight.

Cassie goes with Adam to the boat and she sees the dinner he had planned pre-possession. She tells him that he was right and that she let the “idea” of her dad overshadow the reality. She starts to cry but Adam wipes her tears and they kiss.


My thoughts...

I hate the Cassie/Adam story line.

I do like it that Adam is getting more of a backbone and standing up for himself.

I HATE Faye and Jake together. It's too predictable. Bad boy and Bad girl together? Seriously? UGH. The Cassie/Jake relationship has so much more potential for sparks to fly and things to happen. Adam and Cassie are just too.... blah for me.

So tell me what you guys thought... I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Cassie's father too.... is he really the epitome of all evil or is there something deeper going on?

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