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The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Dangerous Liaisons~

Matt and Elena visit Alaric in the hospital and they chat while he walks her out to her car, but someone is watching them. Elena backs her car out and it looks like she runs over something. When will Matt ever learn to never leave her alone? Elena is always into something!

She gets out and Rebekah slams her against car. She tells Elena that stabbing her in the back hurt and she starts to bite Elena. Elijah shows up and saves Elena and tells Rebekah to leave. She tells him he’s pathetic—that they’re both pathetic and leaves. Elijah looks at Elena and tells her that they have some catching up to do.

Damon and Stefan are at Elena’s and realize that the original mother was in the coffin. Elena tells them that Elijah promised that the original family wouldn’t hurt any of them. Elena tells them that she believe him. It seems that Elena has a connection to Elijah. There is a knock on the door and there’s an invitation to a ball. It seems the original family is having a house warming party. Elena says she’s going and Damon tells her that she’s not. He takes the invitation and tells her that she’s not going. Seriously, after two seasons you think the brothers would learn that Elena is going to do EXACTLY what Elena wants to do.

Rebekah and Kol banter back and forth and Klaus tells him to go back to staring in the mirror. Kol seems to be the annoying little brother that you want to lock in the closet. No wonder Klaus daggered him. Ester and Klaus have a chat about peace and acceptance and Klaus really can’t believe that she’s forgiven him. She tells him that he has to give his family time… they’re pissed off because he put daggers in their hearts. She assures him that it’s going to be a magical evening.

Tyler leaves a voicemail for Caroline and he tells her that he’s fixing himself and he’s sorry about her dad. That’s totally supportive… leaving her a voicemail about her dad dying? Really classy there. She hangs up and notices the box on her bed that holds a very beautiful dress and a note from Klaus telling her to save him a dance. Score one for Team Klaus.

Elena and Caroline are talking about the ball and Caroline says it’s just some weird Cinderella fetish. Elena confides in Caroline that she is going to the ball even though she told Damon she wouldn’t. Rebekah shows up at the grille and invites Matt to the ball to the annoyance of Caroline and Elena

Damon talks to Carol at the ball and she assures him when the oldest deadliest vampires move you’re your town an offer peace, you welcome them with a smile. Kol introduces himself to the mayor and Damon wants to know if they’ve met. Kol tells him that he’s met a lot of people and he doesn’t particularly stand out. Yep Kol’s a dick.

Elena shows up at the ball (of course) and immediately catches the attention of Damon with how elegant and pretty she looks. Stefan gets to her first and wants to know what she’s doing. Damon is furious she’s even there. She takes both of their arms and they escort her into the ball.

Caroline is at home pawing through her closet but she decides to wear the dress that Klaus sent. She arrives at the ball and he is immediately struck by her beauty. She walks past him saying I need a drink.

Elena meets Finn and he tells her that she will have to be alone to meet his mother. Esther appears on the stairs and welcomes them all to the party. Elijah invites them to dance in the ballroom as is customary. Damon catches Elena before she heads up the stairs and tells her it will be rude to not dance.

As Damon and Elena dance he tells her that she looks stunning.

Klaus and Caroline are dancing and he tells her that he heard about her father and he’s sorry. She cuts him off telling him don’t. He tells her that she looks beautiful. She tells him that she didn’t have time to shop. He asks her what her excuse for wearing the bracelet is. She ignores the comment. He tells her that she’s a good dancer and she says that she’s had training. “I happen to be Ms. Mystic Falls.” He smiles slowly and says “I know.” I LOVE these two together. They suit each other so well.

Elena is swapped off to dance with Stefan and he tells her that she can look out for herself. She says she needs to talk to him.

Caroline wants to know what Matt is doing at the ball with “that she-devil” and he asks her what she’s doing with Klaus. She tells him not to get her started.

Elena tells Stefan that she needs to get in the room alone with Ester and he has to help her. She can do this. He agrees.

Rebekah and Kol discuss Matt and she tells him that she’s planned to kill Matt since he’s close to Elena. He says that he’s in. Yep Kol’s still a dick.

Elena lures Damon into an empty room and Stefan snaps Damon’s neck. He tells her tat Damon won’t be down for long and she needs to go.

Elijah talks to Elena on the way to see his mother and he wants her to tell him what Ester says. Elijah doesn’t trust her. Elena tells him that she will tell him. She is oh so wrong for lying to him.

Esther welcomes Elena and apologizes for trying to have her killed. She tells Elena of her plan to bind all of her children together and then kill them. She goes on and on about how she upset nature and they are abominations. I wonder how long before it comes out that it was Esther all along that wanted to kill their children and Mikael was just doing what his wife would have wanted.

Caroline is outside getting some air when Klaus finds her. She’s looking at one of the horses and she tells him that she likes them. Klaus opens up to her and tells her about Mikael severing the head of his favorite horse. She tells him that she’s spoken for by Tyler and he said that he thought they broke up. She gets angry and says “yeah because of you and our freaky sire bond.” He smirks and says “so you’re NOT spoken for.” She sort of smiles back but tells him that yes she likes horses, but she also likes people and they like her, so she’s going back inside.

Esther is explaining to Elena that she changed her children into vampires to protect them, but they ravaged the town with no remorse. Elena asks her if she knows how to kill Klaus. She tells Elena of the spell to bind her children with the toast tonight. She needs Elena’s blood—just a drop—to bind them together. If one of her children dies… they all die. Esther tells her that she made abominations and it was her duty to kill them. Elena agrees to give Esther a drop of her blood. Esther also notes that Elijah is the most suspicious and that Elena will have to try hard to convince him.

Kol and Rebekah agree to meet outside so he can kill Matt. …Yep Kol’s still a dick.

Damon wakes up from having his neck broken and he’s furious. Stefan tells him that his emotions are getting in the middle of everything and ruining their plan. Stefan tells him to stop being such a controlling dick. You can ALMOST see the old Damon flare up in his eyes… but alas not yet. We’re still stuck with caring Damon.

Matt and Rebekah are walking outside and they stop at his truck and he tells her that he can’t just compel himself a Maserati. He gets his coat from the truck and drapes it over her shoulders. She starts to tell him she’s a vampire doesn’t get cold, but she stops and just enjoys the moment with him. She looks around and hurries him back inside before Kol hurts him.

Elijah asks Elena how was his mother and she tells him that she’s intense and she only wanted to apologize for trying to have me killed. Esther appears on the stairs and she completes the champagne toast.

Elijah Drinks

Klaus Drinks

Rebekah Drinks

Kol Drinks

Finn Drinks

All of the original children are closer to being linked.

Klaus shows Caroline some of his art collection and she asks him are the guards at the Louver. He says that’s their fault. He says that art is one of his passions. She notices that he draws and she —Klaus—one of my passions—that’ realizes that there’s more to Klaus that just wanting to kill people. She just hit on the truth that his father didn’t love him so he is creating hybrids. He tells her it’s time for her to go. She leaves. I wonder if anyone has ever spoken to Klaus that way and lived before Caroline.

Rebekah tells Kol to leave Matt alone. By the look on his face you know he’s not going to. I really don’t like this bratty kid.

Damon confronts Elena and tells her that she should be here and she says she doesn’t like going behind his back. He says he’s sorry for trying to keep you alive. He says he’s mad at her because he loves her.” She looks at him and says “Maybe that’s the problem. In his eyes you immediately see the switch that is flipped between nice Damon and bad boy Damon. Elena knows it too. She tries to say that she didn’t mean it, but he stops her and says she’s right, that he cares too much, he’s a liability and how ironic is that. Caroline interrupts because they can’t find Matt.

Kol catches Matt attention out on the balcony and he introduces himself and shakes Matt’s hand. Kol crushes Matt’s hand. Damon interrupts them and shoves Kol off the balcony and jumps down and starts to break his neck. Stefan stops him and asks him if he’s crazy. Damon smirks and looks at Elena and says “Maybe a little—far be it for me to cause a problem.” He walks away from the party leaving a stunned Elena and Stefan to look on. Damon with a backbone is back!!!

Caroline leaves a message for Tyler that she misses him and she wishes he were there. She notices another jewelry box on her bed. She rolls her eyes and says “seriously just give up already.”

She opens the box and finds a rolled up drawing of her and the horse from tonight. At the bottom it says “Thank you for your honesty” The look on her face tells it all… She likes him.

Esther tells Finn that Kol and Rebekah disgraced the family tonight. She does feel bad about Elijah because he’s so morale. Finn assures her she’s doing the right thing. She reminds him the spell that she’s doing will bind them together and he will die too. He tells her that he will be ready to die when the time comes.

She cuts his hand and his blood falls onto a piece of parchment that has the children’s names on it. The blood covers each name and forms a creepy family tree.

Elena tells Stefan that she just signed everyone’s death sentence. He tells her that as long as Klaus dies that everyone else is collateral damage. He asks where Damon is and she tells him that she’ll call him. Stefan doesn’t understand the fight between him and Kol and Elena tells him it was just Damon being self-destructive. That she said something she didn’t mean. He scoffs and said ‘So did I’ and starts to leave. Elena runs after him and she wants to know how he pretends like he doesn’t feel anything. He says that he refuses to feel anything because if he does feel, then all he feels is pain. He says that he hurt her and he bit her. If he lets himself feel then all his feels in pain and he’s not going to do that. I hate that she chases after Stefan all the time… it’s getting annoying and weak.

Rebekah tracks Matt down at the grille and apologizes to him. He tells her that he went to a dance and got his hand crushed and doesn’t have health insurance. That she’s pretty and fun but he really needs her to leave him alone.

Damon who is there drinking mocks her saying she was rejected by the captain of the football team. He tells her that she needs someone more durable anyway. She asks him if he has anyone in mind. After a long look between them… the burst into Damon’s room ripping each other’s clothes off and kissing and grabbing. The hottest scene in the whole season!



My thoughts on this episode...

I'm really tired of Elena chasing after Stefan. He bit her and terrorized her. I'm really wish she'd open her eyes and look at Damon and realize he loves her.

I am loving the Caroline Klaus story line. I think it would be SUCH a deep story line if the writers would just leave Klaus alive long enough.

I also think Elijah has feelings for Elena and I think that a story line like that would be so easy to evolve and keep us on the edge of our seats.

What do you guys think? What do you think with happen with Esther's plan to kill her children? What is Elena going to say when she finds out Damon slept with Rebekah.

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