Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walking Dead: Episode 3

In case you missed the show on Sunday or just want a refresher, check out this highlights video from Tell it to the Frogs (episode 3):

Thoughts on this episode:

At first I was a little disappointed in the family reunion back at the survivor base camp because I guess I was expecting more fireworks or something. How come nobody in the camp raised an eyebrow about the long lost husband, or the fact that she was just recently canoodling somebody else? Maybe I watched too many soap operas back in the day or I read too many books, but I was expecting more drama there, more questions. However, I was shouting a big I told you so to my husband when it was revealed that jerkface partner guy was the one that told Rick's wife he was dead. I just knew he was hiding something.

The fact that zombies are getting closer to camp made me realize that the group isn't as prepared as I would have hoped. They need to take a big trip into town, snag some serious gear (especially some of those crossbows) and start making a serious plan. A better defense strategy is in order since these walkers are running out of city options and apparently retain enough logic to know that they need to spread out.

And can I just say again...zombies are creepy and scary!

Did anything in particular stand out for you? Highs/lows? Expectations for next week?

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debbie said...

What I didn't unstand was why it was so important to get guns from such an infected spot. There must be other places, sporting goods stores,etc. to find them.
I agree, it doesn't seem like they are well prepared.I thought that the minute I saw them in tents.What kind of safe place is that?
I really didn't like the meetup either. I know he lied to her, but really, how long had it been since she thought he was dead? A week or two, and she is jumping in bed with his partner?She is equally at fault.
I am not giving up, but I do hope next weeks show is better.

Melissa Walker said...

Hi again, Anna! Back for my weekly stalking of your Walking Dead post. :-)

The only thing I can figure that's going on with weapons is that ammo and guns were spread out and used up during the meltdown period when Rick was asleep. I thought the same about the tools that guy was coveting. Just go to the damn store and get more!

I thought the tin can perimeter around camp must be the most awesome security system ever created. Not. :-/ I guess we don't know enough about what actually happened and when it happened. Maybe they just haven't had much time to regroup yet.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

I agree that the camp doesn't have much of a security system.

And although I think Shane is dirt bag he kind of redeemed himself when he beat that wife beater to a pulp. And I'm with you Debbie. I said the exact same thing to my boyfriend about Lori jumpin' into Shane's bed so fast.

What I found absolutely insane is why the hell did what's his face on the roof cut through his own wrist instead of the cuff?!?

Carrie said...

Im waiting for a zombie human romance.

Anonymous said...

@Debbie- I'm definitely not giving up on this show. It's far too entertaining and has provided countless hours of conversation here at home.

@Melissa- I'm so glad you're stalking me!! That tin can security was awesome and is almost as effective as tacks in the doorway...what will they think of next? I just think at this stage maybe some barbwire might be an option.

Weapons used up during the meltdown...hmm...that's the best idea I've heard yet. Makes sense.

@Jen- I'm guessing he never watched Saw:) Even pressed for time and in a big rush it would be easier to saw metal than your own damn hand. And now the zombies will follow the scent of his blood. He's a moron.

@Carrie- Ha! That's creepy on more levels than I can even think about. Sometimes you scare me:)