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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Murder of One~

Damon is still snarky to Elena and he’s hiding the fact that Alaric, Stefan, and he were sawing up the Wickery Bridge sign. Also Alaric wants to turn himself in and Stefan and Damon won’t have it. They make him wear the ring since they are going vampire hunting.

Elena gently tells Caroline that Alaric killed her dad but it’s not really his fault. Of course Caroline accepts this and agrees that Alaric, like her, is a victim of the supernatural.

Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Matt, and Elena meet in the woods and the brothers tell them about the white oak stakes and that they all have a weapon. Caroline is to be Klaus bait and the rest are hunting the others.

Klaus tracks down Finn wanting to know where their mother is. Rebekah and Klaus force him back to Mystic Falls. Sage is at home waiting for Finn and he’s happy to see her. Maybe he’s changed his mind about dying.

Damon hides his stake in the woodbin and Alaric asks him if he had learned nothing from the moonstone in the soap dish? Damon goes downstairs only to see Alaric come flying down the stairs after him. Rebekah stabs Damon.

Elena calls to tell Stefan that Finn is in the middle of town with Sage. After discovering Alaric at the bottom of the stairs and that Rebekah has Damon, Stefan tells her they have a problem.

Rebekah has trussed up Damon like a Thanksgiving turkey and he’s hanging from the ceiling. Damon asks her if she really thought he was into her? Not a good thing to taunt the girl who has a knife… and a stake… and several other torture devices. Klaus comes in and suggests that she hang him upside down then the vervain will drain from his system faster. Rebekah tells him to go manage his witch. She tells Damon that she’s either going to compel him to kill Elena or his brother… or both.

Klaus has Bonnie and threatens Jeremy and her mom. She starts to perform the spell that will unlink them.

Caroline goes to babysit Alaric and they discuss him killing her dad. She tells him that she’s going to take a page from the Elena Gilbert handbook and believe he can be saved.

Stefan and Elena fight about rescuing Damon and he tells her that he knows what his brother would want.

Damon hallucinates seeing Elena come to rescue him and she lets him drink from her. Rebekah is playing with his mind.

Finn and Sage are in the grille drinking and he says he’s never had tequila before. Sage introduces Finn to Troy whom she turned to have someone on her team. She tells him that she has enemies here. Stefan is sitting at the bar and Matt serves them more whiskey with vervain in it. Stefan smirks at them as he leaves and they follow him.

Stefan grabs Finn and Matt and Elena come out of the back door of the grill and shoots Finn with a cross bow. Finn dies but at the same time Bonnie completes the spell and the siblings are not joined.

Damon is still being tortured by Rebekah and Klaus lets Bonnie go after the spell is complete. He gives her the choice to take Damon with her and she makes the choice to leave him. But she does call Elena and tell her that Rebekah still has him chained up.

Elena tells Stefan that he’s acting on anger and it’s going to get him or Damon killed. Stefan tells her that Klaus does not get to survive this. He takes off to go find Klaus. He is thrown back into the house by Sage and Troy. Sage backhands Caroline and confronts Elena. But something is wrong with Sage and Troy… they both start to cough up blood and die. Elena comes to the realization that Finn turned Sage and Sage turned Troy. If an original dies then the bloodline dies. Caroline tells Elena that if Klaus dies so does Tyler.

Stefan goes to see Klaus and he trades 8 stakes for Damon’s life. Klaus doesn’t believe that there are only 8 stakes. He compels Damon to go home which makes Damon try to pull his arms from the bear traps. He compels Damon to stop and tell him how many stakes there really are. Damon tells him 11.

Rebekah breaks up the party and releases Damon. She tells them that she believes on good faith they will bring her the other 3 stakes.

Rebekah is in shock that Finn is dead and Klaus doesn’t seem to care. He was a look sick fool according to Klaus. She asks him if that would be the way he spoke of her if she died. Klaus tells Rebekah that he’s taking Elena and leaving and he’s going to make his own family. Rebekah chooses to stay.

Elena tells Stefan that he hasn’t said much. She tells him that Klaus dragged him through hell and he made it through the other side. Stefan asks her what did he loose in the process. It made him ignore everything that was happening and he let it slip away. She tells him that she never stopped loving him and he tells her that he loves her too. Stefan tells her that she loves Damon too. She can’t tell him that she doesn’t but she doesn’t know what she feels.

Damon goes to collect the stake that Alaric has and he swears that he was the only one in the apartment. Damon tells him that his alter ego has a weapon that can end all vampires, including Damon.


So what did you guys think of this episode.

Again I'll admit to loving the way Rebekah used her "mind" power, but I hate that she used it to torture Damon with Elena.

I was disappointed when Elena didn't try to go and help Damon.

It was REALLY disappointing when Bonnie left Damon there to be tortured. Okay so she placed a call after she left... but come on... Bonnie has been holier-than-thou since the first season. She is the compassionate one... what happened to that? Then the hysterical crying in driveway... please.

I was happy that Elena didn't or couldn't tell Stefan that she doesn't care about Damon. Hope this trend continues.

What were your thoughts and your likes/dislikes?

The Secret Circle ~Sacrifice~

The awkwardness between Cassie and Adam continues while Faye and Melissa compare it to an emotional car crash.

Eben is chasing someone through the woods and he lets him get away into Chance Harbor.

John stops by to make sure Cassie is okay. He asks he to play mini golf.

Melissa, Faye, and Diana have volunteered to waitress for the hockey team’s banquet. Grant stops by and convinces Diana to go on a date with him. Grant and Melissa go ice skating and he asks her to leave with him—she can go anywhere she wants to go.

Someone is in Jake’s house and they get into a fight. Cassie sees them from her house and she goes to help. Jake tells her that he’s a friend. Samuel and Jake were witch hunters. Samuel tells them that he’s running from Eben and he’s trying to resurrect demons and that he needs to talk to John.

Melissa convinces Adam to help her steal Kyle’s (the head hockey player) attention away from Faye. Adam agrees and helps her talk hockey to Kyle and the other players. Faye is astounded and Melissa has the whole table’s attention. Then Faye demands that Adam help her grab the interest of Kyle back and he helps her play darts with Kyle.

Samuel tells John that Eben was trying to sacrifice him to resurrect the demons and that’s why he ran. Eben wants to eradicate the witches once and for all using demons. Apparently John was trying to do the same thing 16 years ago. Cassie overhears this part of their conversation.

Cassie is pissed at John and he tells her that he thought he could use the demons to protect the circle. But the demons wanted to take over the circle and use their powers. They have to stop Eben and seal the demons in the ground. They have to gather the whole circle and meet at the old house.

Adam gets aggressive over the fact that apparently Kyle has a girlfriend who showed up at the banquet and he had been acting all night as if the girlfriend didn’t exist. Faye and Melissa tell him that it sucks loosing someone you love, but he’s lucky that he doesn’t remember it. Missing it is the worst part

While Cassie and Jake are gathering the circle, Diana finds out that Grant isn’t what he seems. He’s been lying. He doesn’t own a yacht—he just works on the crew. She tells him to stay the hell away from her. Diana goes to the coffee house and doesn’t answer her phone. Cassie tracks her down and Diana lashes out at her calling her a drama queen and that she can’t even have 5 minutes to herself. Cassie tells her about the demons and she begrudgingly goes with Cassie.

John and Samuel trek off through the woods and they come upon the space where John tried to resurrect the demons before. He traps Samuel in a circle and tells him that he’s already been sacrificed, there’s a demon in him.

Meanwhile Cassie and the circle figure out that John didn’t want them hurt and went to confront Eben on his own. They take off after him.

Eben confronts John and flings him through the air. Eben resurrects the demons and takes them into himself. The rest of the circle arrives and Jake tries to help Samuel but breaks the circle so Samuel can get out. Cassie tries to stop him but can’t. Samuel grabs Cassie and the demon tries to get into her. John wakes up and tells Samuel to take him instead. But John uses his powers to eradicate the demon from Samuel and he Sam dies.

The whole circle is shocked that John still has powers. He tells Cassie that he couldn’t tell her to stop using her powers if he were still using his. He tells the circle that there’s a war coming and he and the circle are not strong enough to stop it. He tells them about the crystals and Cassie admits she has one. There are 5 others that need to be found to stop Eben and the witch hunters and they can stop hiding their powers.

Grant is waiting on Diana and he says he can explain. He wanted to impress her and he begs for one more day to make it right. She gives him one more day.

Adam takes Cassie home and admits to being wrong about her father and he admits he’s been hard on her. John saved them tonight and they need to be focused on their enemies.

John is back in the old woods. It appears he’s digging up the original sacrifice from 16 years before.


I thought this episode was excellent. Its bringing more of the back story of how John Blackwell abused his power and wanted to control more of it.

My questions for you:

Has he changed?

Do you really think he's only out to help Cassie or does he have something more sinister in mind?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Cursed~

Faye confronts Eva and she says that Lee has left to figure things out. Faye leaves, but she doesn’t believe Eva. She enlists Melissa and Diana’s help to figure out what happened to Lee. They go to snoop through Lee’s car and is confronted by a police officer. Faye and Melissa make Diana’s shirt pop open to reveal a sexy bra and they end up in the back of a police car anyway. Eva comes out and tells the policeman to let them go.

Cassie and John go to see Jane and of course her brain is still fried. She tells Cassie that the families are cursed and can never be together. Someone in their circle will die if they activate the curse.

Adam and Cassie tell the circle about the curse and them activating it. Faye’s reaction is really funny. She slaps her hand over her mouth. Melissa, Faye, and Diana aren’t sick but they haven’t heard from Jake. They go to find Jake and find he’s sick with fever and hallucinating. John tells them he thinks he has found a way to break the curse but they need herbs and need to go see Calvin. The group goes to see Calvin only to be told that he’s been missing. Jake—who killed him—hallucinates that Calvin is in the store. John tells Cassie they have to find a rare ingredient that can be found deep in the wood by the house. Jake, Cassie, and Adam set out to find it.

Dawn invites Charles over and tells him about John being back in town. He tells her that John must be destroyed, especially after Dawn tells him that John went to see Jane today.

The trio—Jake, Cassie, and Adam—are trekking through the woods and Jake starts to hallucinate. He lets it slip that he killed Calvin and Cassie looks shocked. Finally after Jake attacks Adam, mistakenly thinking he’s Calvin, they find the herb and rush back to the house.

Dawn and Charles go to see Jane to screw her brain up some more, they want to know what John came to see her about.

John, Diana, and Melissa are working on the potion and John tells Melisa a little about her mother. That she was great with herbs and she loved Melissa.

Faye is snooping around Lee’s place and finds his bike that Eva says she rode out of town on… Eva confronts her and Faye explains to her that Lee gave her Faye’s powers and then Eva asks for Fay’s help in fixing Lee. She just want Lee back—he’s gone—Eva wants help bringing back Lee. The two fight and Faye ends up breaking the totem that Lee made. This takes Eva’s powers away and Faye leaves.

Cassie thanks John for his help and ominously tells her that there is something she needs to know. Cassie tells Adam that they have to drink the potion and they’ll forget how they feel about each other. She tells him that they don’t have a choice. They drink the potion.

Jake is amazed when he wakes up that Cassie and Adam destroyed their relationship to save him, when he doesn’t consider himself worth saving. John tells him that he’s one of six…. He matters and that a man can change.

Cassie and Adam wake up together on the couch and Adam says he remembers how he felt, but he doesn’t feel nervous and he feels good. He can’t explain it and Cassie says “you don’t love me anymore.” Adam leaves to go open the Boathouse and Cassie breaks down and cries.

Faye tells Melissa and Diana what happened and they comfort her about Lee.

John comes in and Cassie tells him that she still remembers everything and she still loves him. John tells her that he understands and he won’t be far from her.

Charles goes to see Jane and tells her that he’s there to help and he wants her to help him destroy John.

Dawn confronts John about Cassie and Adam telling him that he’s afraid of their destiny. He tells Dawn that the absence of Ethan and Amelia would have saved the circle. He tells her that although he has enough power to fake a curse and help Jane say what he wants he can’t stop all the witch hunters. He tells her that one of them is working with the witch hunters and that she doesn’t want him as an enemy.

Cassie goes to bed humming the lullaby that Amelia sang to her as a child while she glances at the photo of herself and her mom. The stars above Cassie’s bed all flow together to make one star.


I cannot believe that John faked the curse so that Cassie and Adam would forget their love. At first I didn't want Adam and Cassie together... but now I really enjoy them being together.

I really wish Jake would either be bad... or good. Or even a combination of both, but flopping back and forth each week is getting a little annoying.

I am also so ready for Melissa, Diana, and Faye to be happy. Stop killing off their boys and let them be happy.

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Break on Through~

This episode was lacking a bit of the oomph that Vampire Diaries can provide. In fact, some of it was just awkward.

We learn that:

Meredith has a soft spot for accidental psychos.

The chemistry between Alaric and Damon is back… the snarky comments and smirks are welcome.

Elena chastises Damon again for helping Stefan drink blood and he had to remind her they are vampires!

At ANOTHER town event—the reconstruction of Wickery bridge—Rebekah is snooping around and an old friend of Damon’s shows up.

Sage reminds Damon that he has the power to find out what Rebekah is up to. He just has to find a weakness and exploit it… it seems that Rebekah’s weakness is that she wants to be wanted and loved. Of course Damon is willing to help with the “wanted” part. He invites Rebekah over for a drink.

Of course Rebekah takes the bait and shows up at the Salvatore house with a bottle of wine that she stole from Nick, who stole it from a Queen. Sage and Damon drink and dance while Rebekah feasts on the piano player. Damon joins her sharing the pianist and ends up making out with her. He assures her that she is the one he wants and they end up kissing while Sage watches on the couch. This is almost like an awkward threesome…

We find out that apparently Sage has a power that she can read people’s minds. I’m not real sure how this works, but while Rebekah is sleeping—exhausted from vampire sex—beside a very naked Damon, Sage touches Rebekah’s hair and seems happy with what she finds.

She tells Damon to follow her and they get into the shower. She “shows” him what Rebekah is up to by kissing him and sharing Rebekah’s memories. Damon is ecstatic. He goes to search through the lumber mill records and finds out the white oak tree was used to build Wickery Bridge.

Caroline and Bonnie are trying to help hold Abby together. Caroline convinces Jamie to give Abby a chance. She’s trying to work through it. Jaime is willing, but Abby ends up biting him. In true Abby fashion she leaves while Bonnie is out of the house, even though Caroline gives a heartfelt speech about kids needing their parents.

Meredith is left alone with Alaric while Elena goes to hunt something that Alaric wore before he wore the “make me crazy” ring. The switch is flipped and it’s crazy Alaric time. He asks Meredith if she felt remorse for the bad job she was doing protecting the town from vampires. He ends up slicing Meredith’s stomach with a kitchen knife. She locks herself in the bathroom while Alaric bangs on the door.

Stefan is waiting on Elena at Alaric’s loft and he tells her that he’s trying the moderation route. She rummages through Alaric’s things looking for his wedding ring. They find files on the murders and a note to Jeremy that he should carry out the plan should Alaric fail. We shouldn’t forget that Jeremy is wearing the other “make me crazy and bring me back to life” ring. Elena and Stefan rush back to the house. Elena goes in the front door and Alaric seems to be acting normal. Elena sees the bloody knife and Stefan grabs Alaric from behind.

Stefan’s bloodhound nose smells the blood in the house and tells Elena she needs to go with him. They find Meredith bleeding all over the bathroom and for a moment bloodthirsty Stefan comes out. He reins it in and gives Meredith his blood and he takes off.

Bonnie comes to do the spell that should help Alaric and Elena stumbles over an apology and Bonnie forgives her… but will it last when she finds out that Abby has ran off again?

Damon realizes that Sage and Rebekah are gone. He makes it to Wickery Bridge in time to see Rebekah burning the wood from the white oak tree. He snarls at her and confronts Sage who betrayed him. She tells him that he betrayed her too by telling her that he would save Finn when all of the originals are tied together. He lied to her, so she helped Rebekah. He threatens to end her, but she’s 900 years old.

Alaric wakes up to see that Damon in watching over him. Damon tells him that Meredith will be okay and that he’s going to take Ric to the loft and he’s on house arrest.

Elena worries about Jeremy and calls him to check on him. He tells her he’s on his way out with friends. Elena tells him that she misses him and hangs up.

Stefan is drinking alone and when Damon returns he tells him he’s having a toast to self-control. Stefan comments that Damon is a little too happy for someone who was just betrayed by Sage. Damon rips open a package that contains the new sign for the Wickery Bridge…made of the white oak wood from the original bridge. Stefan’s eyes light up as he realizes that now have the only white oak left and no one knows it exists. Damon says “Let’s go kill some originals.”


I have to ask…. When did our Vampire Diaries vamps get “special” powers? How can Sage read into people’s minds and know what’s going on… it’s a little odd to see this new development when the writers have ignored the fact that the crow in the first season was Damon and he could shape shift. The only mention of that was in the episode “1912” and a crow landed on a tombstone and Damon turned up soon after.

What did you guys think of this episode? Was it as awkward to you as it was to me?

Monday, March 19, 2012

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Stop by VampChix and check out my review for Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson...I love love love this book! This is an early review and release day is set for March 27th.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ 1912~

There were a ton of flashbacks in this episode… we saw some real background to Stefan and Damon’s relationship and what keeps them apart.

The serial killer.

In 1912 is seems Mystic Falls had the same problem as current day Mystic Falls. A serial killer was killing founding family members. Sheriff Forbes and Zacharias Salvatore are out late and Zacharias gets murdered.

In Present day Mystic Falls Alaric wakes up in jail… apparently they think he’s the serial killer. Damon jumps to his defense and says that it’s ridiculous.

Matt and Elena are out running and he tells her that Abby has chosen to become a vampire and that Bonnie and Caroline are helping her through it. Matt assures Elena that it’s not her fault and she tells him that it’s absolutely her fault. She gets a phone call from Sheriff Forbes and she goes to see her.

Elena shows up at the jail and runs into Damon. He tells her Sheriff Forbes told him to stay out of it. Elena seems shocked that he’s staying out of it… she tells him that his friend is in jail. Damon said that with his track record him staying out of it is a good idea. Then he tells her that he’s mean and she hates him—now the world is back on its axis.

Stefan is writing in his diary and Damon comes in and makes fun of him. He starts looking through Stefan’s old diaries for 1912. A flashback shows Stefan and Damon returning home to attend Zacharias’s funeral. Damon asks Stefan if he’s been eating the relatives again. Damon tells him that he wants to live out his existence as far from Stefan as possible. Stefan gets Damon to agree to have a drink with him. Back in reality Damon gets Stefan to help him solve a murder.

At the grille Rebekah is meeting with Mayor Lockwood and is asking about the oldest trees in town. Carol tells her that the Salvatore’s owned all the logging mills and kept their records.

Damon and Stefan arrive at the grille and catches Rebekah’s attention. The guys are discussing the murders and Rebekah wants to know if they caught the killer. They reveal that the town wrote it off as vampire killings. Damon tells Stefan that stabbings weren’t his style.

Alaric and the Sheriff are discussing the night he was shot. The Sheriff tells him that he spoke with Meredith for over an hour but he doesn’t remember it.

Back at the grill Stefan asks Damon if he remembers Sage. A flashback to 1912 shows Sage an attractive woman boxer who caught Damon’s attention. Present day Stefan tells Damon that the town wouldn’t have suspected a woman.

Elena confronts Meredith and tells her that Alaric couldn’t have killed anyone. Meredith tells Elena that she doesn’t know Alaric and she didn’t look any deeper. Then she hits home with telling Elena that she dates vampires… it shouldn’t come as a shock.

Rebekah is still trying to get information out of the guys. She wants to know about their ancestors. Stefan tells her that she just doesn’t give up. She tells him that he was much more fun in the 20’s.

Matt and Elena break and enter into Meredith’s place looking for clues. Elena tells him that there are skeletons in the closet just like the rest of the founders. They find a box with a Gilbert diary in it. Meredith comes home early and Elena shoves Matt into the closet and they have a short tender moment when she presses her fingers to Matt’s lips. They think Meredith is gone and they open the door to find Meredith staring them down.

Damon flashes back to his interaction with Sage. She asks him “What is being a vampire if nothing but relishing in the pleasure of it?” She tells him that humans crave seduction—he has to make them beg for it—and if they don’t—he’s a vampire—he takes it. Sage encourages him to drink from humans but take pleasure in it too. Present day Rebekah makes a snarky comment about Sage and Damon is surprised that Rebekah knows her. She tells him that Sage was obsessed with her brother Finn.

Sheriff Forbes is pissed! She asks Matt and Elena if they know how much she is already protecting them. Then she tells them that Alaric will be released as soon as the medical examiner’s letter is authenticated about the time of death.

Damon and Rebekah join forces and make Stefan feed froma stranger. Damon tells him that his problem is that he doesn’t know how to stop. He can feed, but not kill. He needs to have moderation. Damon tells Rebekah to get lost. Damon is talking Stefan through feeding he makes Stefan stop before he takes too much and Damon feeds the girl his blood. Matt and Elena stumble upon the scene with Damon helping the girl and Stefan with his mouth bloody. Damon tells her not to overreact. Stefan takes off.

Matt takes Elena home and she tells him that she knows it doesn’t make sense that she felt safe with Stefan. Matt tells her that Stefan is a vampire—he’d live forever and not leave her… like her parents did. She admits that Damon snuck up on her and he gets under her skin and that she can’t shake him. Matt tells her that he doesn’t think she’ll ever shake them. Elena asks if him if her talking about Damon and Stefan is weird for him. He tells her no and he brings out the Gilbert diary he took from Meredith’s. He tells her that sometimes it’s nice to be the human in a town full of vampires because t makes you invisible.

Damon comes home and tells Stefan that the let Alaric go and the Sheriff is out of suspects. He tells Stefan that he did really well tonight and that the Elena thing will fix itself. Stefan tells her that he doesn’t care what Elena thinks. Damon tells him that he’s not tolerating the “no more humanity” Stefan anymore, that they’re on the road to recovery.

Stefan tells him that they don’t have to do the whole brotherly bonding thing. Damon reminds him the last time he fed from someone he turned into the Ripper of Monterey.

A flashback shows Damon telling Stefan that Sage reminded him that it’s all worth it. Stefan insists that he doesn’t use human blood anymore but Damon tells him that he can use moderation. Stefan actually kills the girl he’s drinking from and leaves Damon to clean it up.

Damon tells Stefan that moderation is the key and that he watched him go over the edge and he didn’t stop him. He tells Stefan that every time he goes over the edge he’ll be there to pull him back. Stefan wants to know why he cares. Damon tells him that he’s all he’s got.

Alaric comes home and Elena hugs him and assures him that she doesn’t think he killed anyone. He tells Elena that the Sheriff told him what she did today and that he was supposed to take of her. She tells him they are going to take care of each other. She takes the diary up to her room and reads.

Damon plays piano and Stefan tells him that he was reading the family archives from the early 1900’s. Stefan didn’t find anything from 1912 but they got a confession 10 years later. Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter confessed. Damon tells Stefan that he was pretty sure that he had already killed her. What did you find—nothing from 1912—but they did get a confession 10 years later—Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter—she went crazy—I’m pretty sure I’d already killed her—

Meredith comes to see Alaric and tells him that she forged the change in time of death so the police won’t look at Alaric again. She tells him that she thinks he’s sick and he doesn’t remember what’s happening.

Damon and Stefan theorize that Samantha Gilbert is still alive and a vampire, but they would know. Damon says that she must have had a ring like Alaric’s. The look they give each other says that they’ve put it together that the ring is making Alaric go crazy.

Meredith tells Alaric that she thinks he’s sick and that the same thing happened over a hundred years ago. Alaric seems to not believe it, but Elena comes downstairs and overhears the conversation.. she tells Alaric that she thinks Meredith is right.


I have to say that I was really surprised about Damon and Stefan's relationship. I always saw Damon as the bad guy... the one who killed without regret. In fact if was Stefan who was out of control and couldn't stop from killing humans. Damon was actually practicing moderation.

I'm so excited to see a new turn in Alaric's storyline. I really want to see the 'killer' Alaric which we got a preview of in the teaser for next week's episode.

It also seems that Matt and Elena are getting closer... do you think she'll choose the human over Damon or Stefan? She admitted she loved both Damon and Stefan... I'm not so sure Matt can compete with these two....?

What's your ideas on the episode?

The Secret Circle ~Lucky~

Wow! We’re back after a long hiatus that kept us waiting for weeks!

Faye tells Dawn that John Blackwell is back and you can just tell she’s ecstatic about this. I guess they had a thing when they were younger.

John goes to see Cassie and tries to tell her that he doesn’t want to be a stranger that people are terrified of and that the dark magic they have can make her vengeful and destructive. She tells him that he doesn’t know her very well. This seems to be foreshadowing of things to come

Outside Cassie’s house John runs into Jake and comments that Jake watches over her. Jake tells him that he does. John says “Good.” Hmm… wonder what that means.

The circle gathers at the coffee house and Diana comments that it would be great to find the parents they lost still alive. Faye rebuts that saying that “yeah as long as that parent wasn’t the devil on their days off.” Cassie’s break is over and Melissa and Diana leave to set up for casino night, Faye goes to track down Lee. Adam asks Cassie to go to casino night with him. She asks him if they are going out on a real live date in public. He grins and says yes… she replies with “Then hell yes.” As she kisses him. Finally! The stars have aligned themselves.

Lee and Eva (his back from the dead girlfriend) are discussing her health and she says she feels good, but a little weak. He suggests that she call her parents and she tells him that they gave up on her and that he saved her life, he’s all she needs. This does not bode well for Faye.

Diana and Melissa head to the boathouse to pick up supplies for the casino night fundraiser. On the way out the two run into a very handsome stranger named Grant. He’s charming and you can tell he’s charmed Diana. Normally new people in Chance Harbor are bad signs.

John is at the old house looking for something and Cassie sees him get really annoyed he can’t find what he’s looking for. He turns a table over and Cassie leaves.

Cassie tells Adam what she saw her father doing and they sneak into Jake’s house. Adam tells her that he and Nick found this when they were cleaning up the old house. He pulls out a weird clay looking thing and tells her that Diana’s book referred to it as a sway… it takes witch’s powers away. Cassie takes it and tells him that she’s going to confront her father and at least she’ll be the one to have it.

Faye goes to see Lee and tells him he is taking her to casino night. He tells her that he can’t go, he has previous plans. Wonder when Eva is going to turn up.

Diana and Faye are discussing boys when Melissa tells Faye that Diana is turning away hotties like she’s allergic to them and she wants to know when does Faye ever take no for an answer? She leaves the coffee shop and Diana asks Faye when did she get so insightful? Finally we have our smart mouthed Melissa back!!

Cassie confronts John and wants to know whose magic is he trying to take. He tells her that he found that when he escaped the fire, that only another witch could have spelled it for Eben to have powers. He tells her that he needs to sway to find the person that betrayed them in the past and will eventually betray them again.

Faye goes to see Lee and finds Eva. Lee tells Eva that Faye is just a customer. Faye leaves and Lee tells Eva that Faye just has a crush on him.

Grant shows up at casino night and donates a large amount of money to the school while he flirts with Diana.

Adam comes to get Cassie and she tells him that a witch spelled it so Eben could catch John. She reminds him that she saw his father in Jake’s memories. Adam gets angry and they get into a fight

Cassie tells Jake about seeing Ethan in his memory and he gets angry that Adam’s dad betrayed them. Cassie tells him there has to be another explanation. After Cassie leaves, Jake immediately calls John.

Adam and Ethan have a conversation about him and Cassie—Ethan won’t tell him what happened.

Faye sees that Lee did come to fundraiser and she starts to tell him off but he grabs her and kisses her. I really like these two together and that normally means this isn’t going to work out.

Dawn runs into John at the school and she tries to seduce him. He tells her that she’s the same old Dawn and that he’s changed. He’s looking for Ethan.

Adam shows up at casino night and tells Cassie that he’s sorry and Cassie says maybe he does have an explanation. Cassie sees her dad at the fundraiser and starts to follow him.

Eva shows up at the school and sees Faye and Lee hugged together and he tells her about Faye. Eva gets mad and leaves.

John is followed out of the school with someone with a knife. Cassie sees someone stab him and they take off running. She chases him and uses her magic to stop him. She stands over Ethan and starts to whack him with a plank. John stops her and tells her that she can’t do that.

John tells Cassie that Ethan blames him for stealing her mother from him and that she needs to stay away from Ethan. He tells her that she can’t use her magic that it will take her over.

Grant and Diana chat after the fundraiser and they end up kissing in the parking lot.

Eva confronts Lee at home and she wants to know why he brought her back when he wants Faye. He realizes that she has magic and she kills him. I figured this would happen!!!!!!!

John confronts Ethan and tells him that the kids have been hurt enough and that Ethan will keep his mouth shut about Cassie. The reason that Cassie’s mom was with John was because the “written in the stars love” between Ethan and her was a curse.

Adam goes to Cassie’s house and she says that she doesn’t know what happened. Adam says to hell with their parents—he doesn’t care about them. He tells Cassie that he loves her and they start to kiss and end up making love on the couch. Outside a flock of crows are gathering over Cassie’s house. I do believe this is a horrible sign for Adam and Cassie.


I have to admit there were a bunch of twists in this episode!

Do you guys think that Lee is really dead or is he just sleeping? I have to say that I hope Eva didn't kill him because I really like the chemistry between Lee and Faye. He seems to hold his own with her.

See??! I knew I was right about the Cassie/Adam thing being a bad idea... now they've gone and summoned an army of crows with their 'written in the stars' love.

What's your opinion on this episode?