Sunday, March 7, 2010

Interesting ideas from the book

Here are just a few topics that I thought would make good discussion points but rather than make a bunch of predetermined questions I thought we might just talk about the topics more randomly.

Topic ideas:

1. Red Dragon- Demon blood is addictive to vampires/causes hallucinations and euphoria/the Black Market/Spade drinking from Denise by accident

2. Vampire Law- bite equals ownership/humans as property/the seemingly silly little things that Spade did in front of his line that indicated that he was 'involved' with Denise/formality and rules/ vampire marriage and the fact that they will not really acknowledge that Denise and Spade are married

3. Demon marks- a corporeal form needs and invitation to enter/ salt bombs/ ability to track by the marks/ Denise shifting form

4. Ian- Need I say more? He is a riot and he's really grown on me! Would you like to see him get his own book?

5. Cat and Bones- Seeing them in supporting roles was different and fun. What did you think about the role reversal?

Did any of these topics interest you as they did me? What did you like/dislike? How did you feel about the vampires and their rules? Did you like the twists on mythology? Come on, anything goes!


Michele Hauf said...

I loved the red dragon concept!

Ian doesn't have his own story? He needs one. Pretty please?

Anna Dougherty said...

I thought the Red Dragon concept was really cool. Sorta like how some authors make witches blood poisonous to vampires. Anytime an author creates a new myth it just makes the world that much better. I'm a sucker for details like that:)

I wonder what this means for Denise and Spade in the future. Since she kept the marks that would mean that her blood is still addictive to vamps. What's Spade going to do? Will she be hunted for her blood?

Stephanie G said...

Ian was such a pleasant surprise in this book. Each time he popped up he had me cracking up. I really hope he gets a book. I can't wait to see the woman who will tame him.

thenot said...

Oh my goodness, Ian. LOVE!

Ian needs his own book. Desperately.

And Vlad. Oh, Vlad...

BookFreak said...

I just LOVE Ian! He is my favorite! aside from Bones of course, but hes taken, soooo,
Ians mine!
Back off ladies! :]