Friday, May 6, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ The Sun Also Rises~

**Spoiler Alert**

This episode was heartbreaking. It was a ton of action and a lot of dead bodies left behind.

Caroline and Matt are left to fend off Tyler the werewolf. Matt shoots Tyler and they escape into the Lockwood house. He lets is slip that he’s aware of what she and Tyler are and that he mom knows. He also tells her that her mom has always hated vampires. He tells her that he can’t deal with what she is and breaks up with her. They hear something thump onto the front porch and Caroline goes out and covers up a naked Tyler. She brings Tyler in and cares for him.

Tyler wakes up and Caroline tells him that he got shot but he’s healing. She blurts out that Matt broke up with her again and she starts to cry. He pulls her in close, under his blanket and just holds her. He thanks her for taking care of him.

Jenna, Jules, and Elena are trapped in three rings of fire while Greta is mumbling spells by the firelight. Klaus asks for reassurance this is going to work and she says that it would. He grabs Jules and slams his fist into her chest ripping out her heart. Greta uses the blood from Jules in her spell.

Meanwhile John, Bonnie, and Jeremy are searching through old spell books and journals trying to find a way for Elena to not become a vampire. John finds a spell that will send Elena’s soul through his body and back into hers so she’s not a vampire. Jeremy asks him if he knows what this will do to him and he tells Jeremy he’s aware. He writes Elena a letter and leaves his ring with Jeremy.

Stefan goes to offer himself in place of Jenna, but Klaus refuses but tells Stefan that he has plans for him. Klaus stabs Stefan.

Bonnie is preparing to go and fight Klaus and she makes Jeremy pass out and locks Alaric in the house so they’re safe. She and Damon head off to confront Klaus.

Elena is quickly talking Jenna through her powers and that she can turn her emotions off so she won’t feel fear and that she can run really fast. Jenna tells her that she knows what she has to do. When Greta lowers the fire ring Jenna attacks her sinking her teeth into neck. Klaus catches her and slams her to the ground. She looks at Elena and Elena tells her to turn off her emotions. Jenna looks up at Klaus before he stabs a stake through her heart.

Klaus tells Elena it’s her turn. She tells him to go to hell. He bites into her neck and drains blood from her as Stefan helplessly watches. Klaus lets her body drop as the change starts to overtake him. Greta realizes that something is overpowering her spell.

Bonnie steps out of the woods and wind and fire swirl around. Damon appears behind Greta, grabbing her and snapping her neck. Bonnie stops Klaus from transforming and Elijah appears over him. Elijah overpowers Klaus but Klaus tells him that he didn’t scatter Elijah’s family. That if Elijah kills him then he will never find his family. Elijah says that he’s sorry and Bonnie tells him that she’ll kill them both that she doesn’t care about dying. Elijah grabs Klaus and takes off with him.

Stefan tells Damon to get Elena out of there, so Damon takes her home. He whispers that she has to wake up normal. She wakes up and gasps for breath. He asks her how she feels and she tells him like herself. John who has walked outside drops dead in the front yard.

Damon tells Alaric that Jenna was killed.

Elena along with all of her friends, lay to rest Jenna and John. Elena and Alaric place roses on Jenna’s grave.

Stefan tells Damon that Elena can’t lose anymore of the people she loves. Damon tells him that she may not have a choice. He shows Stefan his bite that Tyler caused. Stefan vows to find a cure, but Damon makes him promise to not tell Elena.


So what did you guys think?

The body count was really high for just one episode... John, Greta, Jenna, Jules, and Elena--She sort of counts!

I think this was an outstanding lead up to a season finale. Damon's a huge player in this show... are they going to kill him off? If so are you going to keep watching?

I have to admit I'm committed to the show because I've become enthralled with several different characters... Caroline and Tyler are amazing together. I LOVE this story line. But I also love Damon's character.... even in the books he was my favorite... can I do without him? I guess we'll see.

Stay tuned for next week's season finale!!


Obsidian Shadows said...

they would be crazy to kill off Damon completely..
he is the unstable part of the team that they need just to keep everyone on their toes..

i don't think that he will be killed off but it sucks that they are making us squirm at the potential loss of Damon, dammit..

Escape by Fiction said...

It was definitely and 'edge of you seat' show this episode. I can't believe Jenna's gone and nobody cried at her funeral...I hope they find a cure for this werewolf bite thing, because killing off Damon would probably lose my household as fans.