Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Glamorous Evil and the new Nocturne Cravings

Our fabulous author in residence, Michele Hauf, has a new book coming out starting in September and I totally didn't know that when I planned the Club Scarlet contest post. Timing can be such a weird and strange thing. The new book is called This Glamorous Evil and it will be part of the new Nocturne Cravings imprint.  I asked Michele what the Cravings line meant and she said: 

Cravings is Nocturne's new novella series.  Short stories, only electronic, and supposedly sexier than the Bites.  The Bites will be done the end of this year, and then it's just Cravings.

I'm all for the new sexiness level! And I am really starting to groove on the novella format because time for reading is hard to come by these days and sometimes I just want a quick, jump in and jump out sort of story. So, let's all indulge our Cravings (I couldn't resist).

Here's the cover blurb:

Throughly Jones (T.J.) is a witch who practices dark magic and is desperate to rescue his brother from Daemonia. He needs to circumvent the usual methods to conduct demons because he's after a big catch. But will cat-shifting familiar, Star, agree to cut out the middle man and work exclusively with T.J.? That would involve them having sex to conduct a demon. But she wants a real relationship, without 'work sex' getting in the way. Can the two share the most intimate of connections to get the rescue job done, or will love toss a kink into their plans?

And a book trailer:

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