Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spooktacular Sunday: Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Today I have another YA title from the fabulous Jenny O. I'm actually keeping hold of this one in the hope that at some point in the near future I will have a chance at trying out a few young adult books for myself. At the moment I usually hear about them from Jenny or my sister, both of which prefer the less steamy storylines. Me, well, not to sound like a floozy or anything but I enjoy the naughtiness. Carrier of the Mark has a lovely cover and looks to be an excellent debut. According to the internet oracles (websites and blogs) the book should be available on September 29th. 
Next week I will be posting a Halloween children's book list in case any of you are shopping around. I tend to buy a large amount at this time of year and save them for Christmas gifts and stuff. Lots of kids in my family. 

Megan is new to the small Ireland town that her and her dad have just moved to. She has spent many years since her mother’s death moving to new places, but her dad feels that finally, this is the right place for them. On her first day of school Megan meets Caitlin, who she is instantly befriends, and also feels a strange pulling to a guy named Adam.  Caitlin warns her that there is something not quite right about Adam and his family but Megan cannot control the urges she has to meet him.  When Megan and Adam finally meet they are instantly together, but Adam has a few secrets to share with her. Their paths did not just cross, they were meant to find each other as they each bear a Mark.  They form a perfect group of Marked people, that is Megan, Adam, his sister Aine, and his brother Rian.  Megan does not understand the power that they and her possess. But as they quickly discover, their power is something that might very well keep them apart.  Others think it is a bad idea for them to be together and there is a group of people searching for them to take their powers away.  Can they escape the hunters and still be together?
This was an interesting book, had many great qualities, and was read quickly and easily.  It was a beautiful story of love and triumphing over adversity, full of magic and mystery. The love story of Adam and Megan was the type you hope for, and watching Megan find her strength and powers was fantastic. This book could definitely contend with the popular thrilling romance novels that are out on so many store shelves today. I really hope that Megan and Adam's story can continue into more books. Carrier of the Mark would be great for the high school crowd and older readers alike.

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I love the mystery and the powers in this book. The characters are lovable and complex. The story line is interesting and full of things that happened in the past that affect the future. the love story is my favorite part of course and I have great hopes for their future, if someone doesn't come along and ruin it. I can't wait to read the next book!