Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooktacular Sunday: Fairy Godsister

Jenny's review:

Philippa Fisher is having a hard time.  Her parents are extremely strange and she is losing her best friend, who is moving away.  She really needs a friend and she ends up with a fairy godsister!  Daisy is no ordinary fairy and is angry that she is stuck working with humans, whom she despises. Philippa is upset that she is stuck with a fairy that clearly is angry with her and doesn’t think much of her.  Philippa decides on her first of three wishes for her parents would be normal like everyone else’s. Philippa gets her wish, but as her and Daisy find out, not everything you wish for is something you really want. Philippa and Daisy have a lot to learn about what it means to be yourself, to be proud of who you are, and what being a true friend really means (a person who cares about someone else more than themselves).  

This was a great story of how the grass is always greener and thinking things would be better a certain way.  Philippa is unhappy with her life and wants to change but maybe learns in the end that life wasn’t so bad. Daisy is angry with her job and doesn’t care to follow the rules, but finds that she has a few things to learn too.  I liked how the chapters alternated from Philippa’s point of view to Daisy’s point of view so that you felt you got the whole picture. This would be a perfect book for a 3rd grade – 6th grade student, the reading was easy and flowed nicely, but would probably be too young for older readers.  (Unless they just like a little fairy story.) 

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