Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Beauty Dates the Beast by Jessica Sims

Book Description:

Bathsheba Ward is human, which means dating supernaturals is strictly forbidden–unless the interested party happens to be the powerful head of their Alliance. So when were-cougar Beau Russell insists that she join him for dinner at a fancy French restaurant, she agrees. Not because the man is so incredibly hot he makes her hormones sing. She’s more interested in saving her desk job at an exclusive dating service that caters to a clientele with rather . . . eclectic tastes.

But just try hiding a supernatural family secret when your would-be boyfriend has supersharp animal senses. Then again, try protecting yourself from a bloodthirsty, home-invading mythological creature with just a bottle of liquid silver and a carving knife.

Maybe having an über-sexy supernatural partner isn’t such a bad idea after all. . . .

Jenny's review:

Bathsheba works for Midnight Liaisons, a company that sets up supernaturals with other supernaturals. She is working here to protect and watch over her sister who was turned werewolf many years ago and is on the run from the wolf pack that is looking for her. What better place to hide than with a bunch of supernaturals coming and leaving their own scents all around? 

Things are all going smoothly until a high profile client is left without a date and Bath steps in. It is strictly forbidden for her to do so as supernaturals do not mix with humans.  On this date she meets Beauregard Russell, who is a were cat, and although she tries not to she can tell that she is going to fall for him, and he immediately falls for her. When her boss finds out that she went out with him she blackmails Bath into dating other clients who are looking for a virginal human. Other complications arrive when it is apparent that someone is hunting either Bath or her sister. Beau places her under protection as he is the leader of the Alliance of supernaturals.   When hiding out Bath and Beau truly hit is off, and some steaming things happen (wink wink). But will that be enough to keep her and her sister safe from someone?  
This book was full of surprises for me. At first I thought it was just another love story with the same old story. NO, this story has a little twist involving the character who is hunting them, so be ready.  Also, the shifter characters to me were different as I have not read many books with were cats, were bears, and werewolves all together. It was a steamy romance for sure but was a clean romance and my sensibilities weren't scandalized at all. I liked the thriller part of this book as well, as the characters were hunted and the mystery was difficult to solve. All in all a great adult read! 
About the author:

Jessica Sims lives in Texas. She hates writing a bio, so something cool will undoubtedly go here later when she actually thinks of something interesting to write. She has some cats, but what writer doesn’t? She plays video games and confesses to reading comic books. And she likes writing, but that one was pretty obvious. She also writes under the name Jill Myles and Jessica Clare.

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Anonymous said...

I had fun reading this one. I also liked thriller part of the book. Add just enough seriousness to the story. Nice review!