Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Lucky~

Wow! We’re back after a long hiatus that kept us waiting for weeks!

Faye tells Dawn that John Blackwell is back and you can just tell she’s ecstatic about this. I guess they had a thing when they were younger.

John goes to see Cassie and tries to tell her that he doesn’t want to be a stranger that people are terrified of and that the dark magic they have can make her vengeful and destructive. She tells him that he doesn’t know her very well. This seems to be foreshadowing of things to come

Outside Cassie’s house John runs into Jake and comments that Jake watches over her. Jake tells him that he does. John says “Good.” Hmm… wonder what that means.

The circle gathers at the coffee house and Diana comments that it would be great to find the parents they lost still alive. Faye rebuts that saying that “yeah as long as that parent wasn’t the devil on their days off.” Cassie’s break is over and Melissa and Diana leave to set up for casino night, Faye goes to track down Lee. Adam asks Cassie to go to casino night with him. She asks him if they are going out on a real live date in public. He grins and says yes… she replies with “Then hell yes.” As she kisses him. Finally! The stars have aligned themselves.

Lee and Eva (his back from the dead girlfriend) are discussing her health and she says she feels good, but a little weak. He suggests that she call her parents and she tells him that they gave up on her and that he saved her life, he’s all she needs. This does not bode well for Faye.

Diana and Melissa head to the boathouse to pick up supplies for the casino night fundraiser. On the way out the two run into a very handsome stranger named Grant. He’s charming and you can tell he’s charmed Diana. Normally new people in Chance Harbor are bad signs.

John is at the old house looking for something and Cassie sees him get really annoyed he can’t find what he’s looking for. He turns a table over and Cassie leaves.

Cassie tells Adam what she saw her father doing and they sneak into Jake’s house. Adam tells her that he and Nick found this when they were cleaning up the old house. He pulls out a weird clay looking thing and tells her that Diana’s book referred to it as a sway… it takes witch’s powers away. Cassie takes it and tells him that she’s going to confront her father and at least she’ll be the one to have it.

Faye goes to see Lee and tells him he is taking her to casino night. He tells her that he can’t go, he has previous plans. Wonder when Eva is going to turn up.

Diana and Faye are discussing boys when Melissa tells Faye that Diana is turning away hotties like she’s allergic to them and she wants to know when does Faye ever take no for an answer? She leaves the coffee shop and Diana asks Faye when did she get so insightful? Finally we have our smart mouthed Melissa back!!

Cassie confronts John and wants to know whose magic is he trying to take. He tells her that he found that when he escaped the fire, that only another witch could have spelled it for Eben to have powers. He tells her that he needs to sway to find the person that betrayed them in the past and will eventually betray them again.

Faye goes to see Lee and finds Eva. Lee tells Eva that Faye is just a customer. Faye leaves and Lee tells Eva that Faye just has a crush on him.

Grant shows up at casino night and donates a large amount of money to the school while he flirts with Diana.

Adam comes to get Cassie and she tells him that a witch spelled it so Eben could catch John. She reminds him that she saw his father in Jake’s memories. Adam gets angry and they get into a fight

Cassie tells Jake about seeing Ethan in his memory and he gets angry that Adam’s dad betrayed them. Cassie tells him there has to be another explanation. After Cassie leaves, Jake immediately calls John.

Adam and Ethan have a conversation about him and Cassie—Ethan won’t tell him what happened.

Faye sees that Lee did come to fundraiser and she starts to tell him off but he grabs her and kisses her. I really like these two together and that normally means this isn’t going to work out.

Dawn runs into John at the school and she tries to seduce him. He tells her that she’s the same old Dawn and that he’s changed. He’s looking for Ethan.

Adam shows up at casino night and tells Cassie that he’s sorry and Cassie says maybe he does have an explanation. Cassie sees her dad at the fundraiser and starts to follow him.

Eva shows up at the school and sees Faye and Lee hugged together and he tells her about Faye. Eva gets mad and leaves.

John is followed out of the school with someone with a knife. Cassie sees someone stab him and they take off running. She chases him and uses her magic to stop him. She stands over Ethan and starts to whack him with a plank. John stops her and tells her that she can’t do that.

John tells Cassie that Ethan blames him for stealing her mother from him and that she needs to stay away from Ethan. He tells her that she can’t use her magic that it will take her over.

Grant and Diana chat after the fundraiser and they end up kissing in the parking lot.

Eva confronts Lee at home and she wants to know why he brought her back when he wants Faye. He realizes that she has magic and she kills him. I figured this would happen!!!!!!!

John confronts Ethan and tells him that the kids have been hurt enough and that Ethan will keep his mouth shut about Cassie. The reason that Cassie’s mom was with John was because the “written in the stars love” between Ethan and her was a curse.

Adam goes to Cassie’s house and she says that she doesn’t know what happened. Adam says to hell with their parents—he doesn’t care about them. He tells Cassie that he loves her and they start to kiss and end up making love on the couch. Outside a flock of crows are gathering over Cassie’s house. I do believe this is a horrible sign for Adam and Cassie.


I have to admit there were a bunch of twists in this episode!

Do you guys think that Lee is really dead or is he just sleeping? I have to say that I hope Eva didn't kill him because I really like the chemistry between Lee and Faye. He seems to hold his own with her.

See??! I knew I was right about the Cassie/Adam thing being a bad idea... now they've gone and summoned an army of crows with their 'written in the stars' love.

What's your opinion on this episode?


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