Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ 1912~

There were a ton of flashbacks in this episode… we saw some real background to Stefan and Damon’s relationship and what keeps them apart.

The serial killer.

In 1912 is seems Mystic Falls had the same problem as current day Mystic Falls. A serial killer was killing founding family members. Sheriff Forbes and Zacharias Salvatore are out late and Zacharias gets murdered.

In Present day Mystic Falls Alaric wakes up in jail… apparently they think he’s the serial killer. Damon jumps to his defense and says that it’s ridiculous.

Matt and Elena are out running and he tells her that Abby has chosen to become a vampire and that Bonnie and Caroline are helping her through it. Matt assures Elena that it’s not her fault and she tells him that it’s absolutely her fault. She gets a phone call from Sheriff Forbes and she goes to see her.

Elena shows up at the jail and runs into Damon. He tells her Sheriff Forbes told him to stay out of it. Elena seems shocked that he’s staying out of it… she tells him that his friend is in jail. Damon said that with his track record him staying out of it is a good idea. Then he tells her that he’s mean and she hates him—now the world is back on its axis.

Stefan is writing in his diary and Damon comes in and makes fun of him. He starts looking through Stefan’s old diaries for 1912. A flashback shows Stefan and Damon returning home to attend Zacharias’s funeral. Damon asks Stefan if he’s been eating the relatives again. Damon tells him that he wants to live out his existence as far from Stefan as possible. Stefan gets Damon to agree to have a drink with him. Back in reality Damon gets Stefan to help him solve a murder.

At the grille Rebekah is meeting with Mayor Lockwood and is asking about the oldest trees in town. Carol tells her that the Salvatore’s owned all the logging mills and kept their records.

Damon and Stefan arrive at the grille and catches Rebekah’s attention. The guys are discussing the murders and Rebekah wants to know if they caught the killer. They reveal that the town wrote it off as vampire killings. Damon tells Stefan that stabbings weren’t his style.

Alaric and the Sheriff are discussing the night he was shot. The Sheriff tells him that he spoke with Meredith for over an hour but he doesn’t remember it.

Back at the grill Stefan asks Damon if he remembers Sage. A flashback to 1912 shows Sage an attractive woman boxer who caught Damon’s attention. Present day Stefan tells Damon that the town wouldn’t have suspected a woman.

Elena confronts Meredith and tells her that Alaric couldn’t have killed anyone. Meredith tells Elena that she doesn’t know Alaric and she didn’t look any deeper. Then she hits home with telling Elena that she dates vampires… it shouldn’t come as a shock.

Rebekah is still trying to get information out of the guys. She wants to know about their ancestors. Stefan tells her that she just doesn’t give up. She tells him that he was much more fun in the 20’s.

Matt and Elena break and enter into Meredith’s place looking for clues. Elena tells him that there are skeletons in the closet just like the rest of the founders. They find a box with a Gilbert diary in it. Meredith comes home early and Elena shoves Matt into the closet and they have a short tender moment when she presses her fingers to Matt’s lips. They think Meredith is gone and they open the door to find Meredith staring them down.

Damon flashes back to his interaction with Sage. She asks him “What is being a vampire if nothing but relishing in the pleasure of it?” She tells him that humans crave seduction—he has to make them beg for it—and if they don’t—he’s a vampire—he takes it. Sage encourages him to drink from humans but take pleasure in it too. Present day Rebekah makes a snarky comment about Sage and Damon is surprised that Rebekah knows her. She tells him that Sage was obsessed with her brother Finn.

Sheriff Forbes is pissed! She asks Matt and Elena if they know how much she is already protecting them. Then she tells them that Alaric will be released as soon as the medical examiner’s letter is authenticated about the time of death.

Damon and Rebekah join forces and make Stefan feed froma stranger. Damon tells him that his problem is that he doesn’t know how to stop. He can feed, but not kill. He needs to have moderation. Damon tells Rebekah to get lost. Damon is talking Stefan through feeding he makes Stefan stop before he takes too much and Damon feeds the girl his blood. Matt and Elena stumble upon the scene with Damon helping the girl and Stefan with his mouth bloody. Damon tells her not to overreact. Stefan takes off.

Matt takes Elena home and she tells him that she knows it doesn’t make sense that she felt safe with Stefan. Matt tells her that Stefan is a vampire—he’d live forever and not leave her… like her parents did. She admits that Damon snuck up on her and he gets under her skin and that she can’t shake him. Matt tells her that he doesn’t think she’ll ever shake them. Elena asks if him if her talking about Damon and Stefan is weird for him. He tells her no and he brings out the Gilbert diary he took from Meredith’s. He tells her that sometimes it’s nice to be the human in a town full of vampires because t makes you invisible.

Damon comes home and tells Stefan that the let Alaric go and the Sheriff is out of suspects. He tells Stefan that he did really well tonight and that the Elena thing will fix itself. Stefan tells her that he doesn’t care what Elena thinks. Damon tells him that he’s not tolerating the “no more humanity” Stefan anymore, that they’re on the road to recovery.

Stefan tells him that they don’t have to do the whole brotherly bonding thing. Damon reminds him the last time he fed from someone he turned into the Ripper of Monterey.

A flashback shows Damon telling Stefan that Sage reminded him that it’s all worth it. Stefan insists that he doesn’t use human blood anymore but Damon tells him that he can use moderation. Stefan actually kills the girl he’s drinking from and leaves Damon to clean it up.

Damon tells Stefan that moderation is the key and that he watched him go over the edge and he didn’t stop him. He tells Stefan that every time he goes over the edge he’ll be there to pull him back. Stefan wants to know why he cares. Damon tells him that he’s all he’s got.

Alaric comes home and Elena hugs him and assures him that she doesn’t think he killed anyone. He tells Elena that the Sheriff told him what she did today and that he was supposed to take of her. She tells him they are going to take care of each other. She takes the diary up to her room and reads.

Damon plays piano and Stefan tells him that he was reading the family archives from the early 1900’s. Stefan didn’t find anything from 1912 but they got a confession 10 years later. Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter confessed. Damon tells Stefan that he was pretty sure that he had already killed her. What did you find—nothing from 1912—but they did get a confession 10 years later—Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter—she went crazy—I’m pretty sure I’d already killed her—

Meredith comes to see Alaric and tells him that she forged the change in time of death so the police won’t look at Alaric again. She tells him that she thinks he’s sick and he doesn’t remember what’s happening.

Damon and Stefan theorize that Samantha Gilbert is still alive and a vampire, but they would know. Damon says that she must have had a ring like Alaric’s. The look they give each other says that they’ve put it together that the ring is making Alaric go crazy.

Meredith tells Alaric that she thinks he’s sick and that the same thing happened over a hundred years ago. Alaric seems to not believe it, but Elena comes downstairs and overhears the conversation.. she tells Alaric that she thinks Meredith is right.


I have to say that I was really surprised about Damon and Stefan's relationship. I always saw Damon as the bad guy... the one who killed without regret. In fact if was Stefan who was out of control and couldn't stop from killing humans. Damon was actually practicing moderation.

I'm so excited to see a new turn in Alaric's storyline. I really want to see the 'killer' Alaric which we got a preview of in the teaser for next week's episode.

It also seems that Matt and Elena are getting closer... do you think she'll choose the human over Damon or Stefan? She admitted she loved both Damon and Stefan... I'm not so sure Matt can compete with these two....?

What's your ideas on the episode?


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