Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Break on Through~

This episode was lacking a bit of the oomph that Vampire Diaries can provide. In fact, some of it was just awkward.

We learn that:

Meredith has a soft spot for accidental psychos.

The chemistry between Alaric and Damon is back… the snarky comments and smirks are welcome.

Elena chastises Damon again for helping Stefan drink blood and he had to remind her they are vampires!

At ANOTHER town event—the reconstruction of Wickery bridge—Rebekah is snooping around and an old friend of Damon’s shows up.

Sage reminds Damon that he has the power to find out what Rebekah is up to. He just has to find a weakness and exploit it… it seems that Rebekah’s weakness is that she wants to be wanted and loved. Of course Damon is willing to help with the “wanted” part. He invites Rebekah over for a drink.

Of course Rebekah takes the bait and shows up at the Salvatore house with a bottle of wine that she stole from Nick, who stole it from a Queen. Sage and Damon drink and dance while Rebekah feasts on the piano player. Damon joins her sharing the pianist and ends up making out with her. He assures her that she is the one he wants and they end up kissing while Sage watches on the couch. This is almost like an awkward threesome…

We find out that apparently Sage has a power that she can read people’s minds. I’m not real sure how this works, but while Rebekah is sleeping—exhausted from vampire sex—beside a very naked Damon, Sage touches Rebekah’s hair and seems happy with what she finds.

She tells Damon to follow her and they get into the shower. She “shows” him what Rebekah is up to by kissing him and sharing Rebekah’s memories. Damon is ecstatic. He goes to search through the lumber mill records and finds out the white oak tree was used to build Wickery Bridge.

Caroline and Bonnie are trying to help hold Abby together. Caroline convinces Jamie to give Abby a chance. She’s trying to work through it. Jaime is willing, but Abby ends up biting him. In true Abby fashion she leaves while Bonnie is out of the house, even though Caroline gives a heartfelt speech about kids needing their parents.

Meredith is left alone with Alaric while Elena goes to hunt something that Alaric wore before he wore the “make me crazy” ring. The switch is flipped and it’s crazy Alaric time. He asks Meredith if she felt remorse for the bad job she was doing protecting the town from vampires. He ends up slicing Meredith’s stomach with a kitchen knife. She locks herself in the bathroom while Alaric bangs on the door.

Stefan is waiting on Elena at Alaric’s loft and he tells her that he’s trying the moderation route. She rummages through Alaric’s things looking for his wedding ring. They find files on the murders and a note to Jeremy that he should carry out the plan should Alaric fail. We shouldn’t forget that Jeremy is wearing the other “make me crazy and bring me back to life” ring. Elena and Stefan rush back to the house. Elena goes in the front door and Alaric seems to be acting normal. Elena sees the bloody knife and Stefan grabs Alaric from behind.

Stefan’s bloodhound nose smells the blood in the house and tells Elena she needs to go with him. They find Meredith bleeding all over the bathroom and for a moment bloodthirsty Stefan comes out. He reins it in and gives Meredith his blood and he takes off.

Bonnie comes to do the spell that should help Alaric and Elena stumbles over an apology and Bonnie forgives her… but will it last when she finds out that Abby has ran off again?

Damon realizes that Sage and Rebekah are gone. He makes it to Wickery Bridge in time to see Rebekah burning the wood from the white oak tree. He snarls at her and confronts Sage who betrayed him. She tells him that he betrayed her too by telling her that he would save Finn when all of the originals are tied together. He lied to her, so she helped Rebekah. He threatens to end her, but she’s 900 years old.

Alaric wakes up to see that Damon in watching over him. Damon tells him that Meredith will be okay and that he’s going to take Ric to the loft and he’s on house arrest.

Elena worries about Jeremy and calls him to check on him. He tells her he’s on his way out with friends. Elena tells him that she misses him and hangs up.

Stefan is drinking alone and when Damon returns he tells him he’s having a toast to self-control. Stefan comments that Damon is a little too happy for someone who was just betrayed by Sage. Damon rips open a package that contains the new sign for the Wickery Bridge…made of the white oak wood from the original bridge. Stefan’s eyes light up as he realizes that now have the only white oak left and no one knows it exists. Damon says “Let’s go kill some originals.”


I have to ask…. When did our Vampire Diaries vamps get “special” powers? How can Sage read into people’s minds and know what’s going on… it’s a little odd to see this new development when the writers have ignored the fact that the crow in the first season was Damon and he could shape shift. The only mention of that was in the episode “1912” and a crow landed on a tombstone and Damon turned up soon after.

What did you guys think of this episode? Was it as awkward to you as it was to me?


Kelsey said...

Actually the writers have toyed around with the whole vampire-mind-trick. Remember when Katherine toyed with Stefan in the tomb? But you're right about the crow and the fog Damon was doing in the pilot - that hasn't come up again. It kind of bothers me. As for awkwardness... I was actually kind of bored. Were you?

Kim said...

Yes, the mind-trick is actually like dream walking. Katherine did it with Stefan and Damon did it with Rose just before he staked her. As for the crow, Damon comments on it in one of the first season episodes. He hints to the fact that it's a trick with controlling the crow, not shape shifting.

Betty Turner said...

@Kelsey I have to agree... I was bored with this episode. I kept waiting on something to surprise me and nothing did. Everything was pretty predictable, even down to Sage betraying Damon.

You're both right about the Katherine mind trick thing with Stefan and that Damon had made Rose more comfortable before he had to kill her! I had forgotten about that.

I had also forgotten that Damon had commented on the appearance of the crow. I would still like to see more of these mind tricks that they're capable of. I would also like to see Damon or Stefan run into someone they can actually win a fight with! lol!

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