Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Cursed~

Faye confronts Eva and she says that Lee has left to figure things out. Faye leaves, but she doesn’t believe Eva. She enlists Melissa and Diana’s help to figure out what happened to Lee. They go to snoop through Lee’s car and is confronted by a police officer. Faye and Melissa make Diana’s shirt pop open to reveal a sexy bra and they end up in the back of a police car anyway. Eva comes out and tells the policeman to let them go.

Cassie and John go to see Jane and of course her brain is still fried. She tells Cassie that the families are cursed and can never be together. Someone in their circle will die if they activate the curse.

Adam and Cassie tell the circle about the curse and them activating it. Faye’s reaction is really funny. She slaps her hand over her mouth. Melissa, Faye, and Diana aren’t sick but they haven’t heard from Jake. They go to find Jake and find he’s sick with fever and hallucinating. John tells them he thinks he has found a way to break the curse but they need herbs and need to go see Calvin. The group goes to see Calvin only to be told that he’s been missing. Jake—who killed him—hallucinates that Calvin is in the store. John tells Cassie they have to find a rare ingredient that can be found deep in the wood by the house. Jake, Cassie, and Adam set out to find it.

Dawn invites Charles over and tells him about John being back in town. He tells her that John must be destroyed, especially after Dawn tells him that John went to see Jane today.

The trio—Jake, Cassie, and Adam—are trekking through the woods and Jake starts to hallucinate. He lets it slip that he killed Calvin and Cassie looks shocked. Finally after Jake attacks Adam, mistakenly thinking he’s Calvin, they find the herb and rush back to the house.

Dawn and Charles go to see Jane to screw her brain up some more, they want to know what John came to see her about.

John, Diana, and Melissa are working on the potion and John tells Melisa a little about her mother. That she was great with herbs and she loved Melissa.

Faye is snooping around Lee’s place and finds his bike that Eva says she rode out of town on… Eva confronts her and Faye explains to her that Lee gave her Faye’s powers and then Eva asks for Fay’s help in fixing Lee. She just want Lee back—he’s gone—Eva wants help bringing back Lee. The two fight and Faye ends up breaking the totem that Lee made. This takes Eva’s powers away and Faye leaves.

Cassie thanks John for his help and ominously tells her that there is something she needs to know. Cassie tells Adam that they have to drink the potion and they’ll forget how they feel about each other. She tells him that they don’t have a choice. They drink the potion.

Jake is amazed when he wakes up that Cassie and Adam destroyed their relationship to save him, when he doesn’t consider himself worth saving. John tells him that he’s one of six…. He matters and that a man can change.

Cassie and Adam wake up together on the couch and Adam says he remembers how he felt, but he doesn’t feel nervous and he feels good. He can’t explain it and Cassie says “you don’t love me anymore.” Adam leaves to go open the Boathouse and Cassie breaks down and cries.

Faye tells Melissa and Diana what happened and they comfort her about Lee.

John comes in and Cassie tells him that she still remembers everything and she still loves him. John tells her that he understands and he won’t be far from her.

Charles goes to see Jane and tells her that he’s there to help and he wants her to help him destroy John.

Dawn confronts John about Cassie and Adam telling him that he’s afraid of their destiny. He tells Dawn that the absence of Ethan and Amelia would have saved the circle. He tells her that although he has enough power to fake a curse and help Jane say what he wants he can’t stop all the witch hunters. He tells her that one of them is working with the witch hunters and that she doesn’t want him as an enemy.

Cassie goes to bed humming the lullaby that Amelia sang to her as a child while she glances at the photo of herself and her mom. The stars above Cassie’s bed all flow together to make one star.


I cannot believe that John faked the curse so that Cassie and Adam would forget their love. At first I didn't want Adam and Cassie together... but now I really enjoy them being together.

I really wish Jake would either be bad... or good. Or even a combination of both, but flopping back and forth each week is getting a little annoying.

I am also so ready for Melissa, Diana, and Faye to be happy. Stop killing off their boys and let them be happy.


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