Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Murder of One~

Damon is still snarky to Elena and he’s hiding the fact that Alaric, Stefan, and he were sawing up the Wickery Bridge sign. Also Alaric wants to turn himself in and Stefan and Damon won’t have it. They make him wear the ring since they are going vampire hunting.

Elena gently tells Caroline that Alaric killed her dad but it’s not really his fault. Of course Caroline accepts this and agrees that Alaric, like her, is a victim of the supernatural.

Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Matt, and Elena meet in the woods and the brothers tell them about the white oak stakes and that they all have a weapon. Caroline is to be Klaus bait and the rest are hunting the others.

Klaus tracks down Finn wanting to know where their mother is. Rebekah and Klaus force him back to Mystic Falls. Sage is at home waiting for Finn and he’s happy to see her. Maybe he’s changed his mind about dying.

Damon hides his stake in the woodbin and Alaric asks him if he had learned nothing from the moonstone in the soap dish? Damon goes downstairs only to see Alaric come flying down the stairs after him. Rebekah stabs Damon.

Elena calls to tell Stefan that Finn is in the middle of town with Sage. After discovering Alaric at the bottom of the stairs and that Rebekah has Damon, Stefan tells her they have a problem.

Rebekah has trussed up Damon like a Thanksgiving turkey and he’s hanging from the ceiling. Damon asks her if she really thought he was into her? Not a good thing to taunt the girl who has a knife… and a stake… and several other torture devices. Klaus comes in and suggests that she hang him upside down then the vervain will drain from his system faster. Rebekah tells him to go manage his witch. She tells Damon that she’s either going to compel him to kill Elena or his brother… or both.

Klaus has Bonnie and threatens Jeremy and her mom. She starts to perform the spell that will unlink them.

Caroline goes to babysit Alaric and they discuss him killing her dad. She tells him that she’s going to take a page from the Elena Gilbert handbook and believe he can be saved.

Stefan and Elena fight about rescuing Damon and he tells her that he knows what his brother would want.

Damon hallucinates seeing Elena come to rescue him and she lets him drink from her. Rebekah is playing with his mind.

Finn and Sage are in the grille drinking and he says he’s never had tequila before. Sage introduces Finn to Troy whom she turned to have someone on her team. She tells him that she has enemies here. Stefan is sitting at the bar and Matt serves them more whiskey with vervain in it. Stefan smirks at them as he leaves and they follow him.

Stefan grabs Finn and Matt and Elena come out of the back door of the grill and shoots Finn with a cross bow. Finn dies but at the same time Bonnie completes the spell and the siblings are not joined.

Damon is still being tortured by Rebekah and Klaus lets Bonnie go after the spell is complete. He gives her the choice to take Damon with her and she makes the choice to leave him. But she does call Elena and tell her that Rebekah still has him chained up.

Elena tells Stefan that he’s acting on anger and it’s going to get him or Damon killed. Stefan tells her that Klaus does not get to survive this. He takes off to go find Klaus. He is thrown back into the house by Sage and Troy. Sage backhands Caroline and confronts Elena. But something is wrong with Sage and Troy… they both start to cough up blood and die. Elena comes to the realization that Finn turned Sage and Sage turned Troy. If an original dies then the bloodline dies. Caroline tells Elena that if Klaus dies so does Tyler.

Stefan goes to see Klaus and he trades 8 stakes for Damon’s life. Klaus doesn’t believe that there are only 8 stakes. He compels Damon to go home which makes Damon try to pull his arms from the bear traps. He compels Damon to stop and tell him how many stakes there really are. Damon tells him 11.

Rebekah breaks up the party and releases Damon. She tells them that she believes on good faith they will bring her the other 3 stakes.

Rebekah is in shock that Finn is dead and Klaus doesn’t seem to care. He was a look sick fool according to Klaus. She asks him if that would be the way he spoke of her if she died. Klaus tells Rebekah that he’s taking Elena and leaving and he’s going to make his own family. Rebekah chooses to stay.

Elena tells Stefan that he hasn’t said much. She tells him that Klaus dragged him through hell and he made it through the other side. Stefan asks her what did he loose in the process. It made him ignore everything that was happening and he let it slip away. She tells him that she never stopped loving him and he tells her that he loves her too. Stefan tells her that she loves Damon too. She can’t tell him that she doesn’t but she doesn’t know what she feels.

Damon goes to collect the stake that Alaric has and he swears that he was the only one in the apartment. Damon tells him that his alter ego has a weapon that can end all vampires, including Damon.


So what did you guys think of this episode.

Again I'll admit to loving the way Rebekah used her "mind" power, but I hate that she used it to torture Damon with Elena.

I was disappointed when Elena didn't try to go and help Damon.

It was REALLY disappointing when Bonnie left Damon there to be tortured. Okay so she placed a call after she left... but come on... Bonnie has been holier-than-thou since the first season. She is the compassionate one... what happened to that? Then the hysterical crying in driveway... please.

I was happy that Elena didn't or couldn't tell Stefan that she doesn't care about Damon. Hope this trend continues.

What were your thoughts and your likes/dislikes?


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