Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Sacrifice~

The awkwardness between Cassie and Adam continues while Faye and Melissa compare it to an emotional car crash.

Eben is chasing someone through the woods and he lets him get away into Chance Harbor.

John stops by to make sure Cassie is okay. He asks he to play mini golf.

Melissa, Faye, and Diana have volunteered to waitress for the hockey team’s banquet. Grant stops by and convinces Diana to go on a date with him. Grant and Melissa go ice skating and he asks her to leave with him—she can go anywhere she wants to go.

Someone is in Jake’s house and they get into a fight. Cassie sees them from her house and she goes to help. Jake tells her that he’s a friend. Samuel and Jake were witch hunters. Samuel tells them that he’s running from Eben and he’s trying to resurrect demons and that he needs to talk to John.

Melissa convinces Adam to help her steal Kyle’s (the head hockey player) attention away from Faye. Adam agrees and helps her talk hockey to Kyle and the other players. Faye is astounded and Melissa has the whole table’s attention. Then Faye demands that Adam help her grab the interest of Kyle back and he helps her play darts with Kyle.

Samuel tells John that Eben was trying to sacrifice him to resurrect the demons and that’s why he ran. Eben wants to eradicate the witches once and for all using demons. Apparently John was trying to do the same thing 16 years ago. Cassie overhears this part of their conversation.

Cassie is pissed at John and he tells her that he thought he could use the demons to protect the circle. But the demons wanted to take over the circle and use their powers. They have to stop Eben and seal the demons in the ground. They have to gather the whole circle and meet at the old house.

Adam gets aggressive over the fact that apparently Kyle has a girlfriend who showed up at the banquet and he had been acting all night as if the girlfriend didn’t exist. Faye and Melissa tell him that it sucks loosing someone you love, but he’s lucky that he doesn’t remember it. Missing it is the worst part

While Cassie and Jake are gathering the circle, Diana finds out that Grant isn’t what he seems. He’s been lying. He doesn’t own a yacht—he just works on the crew. She tells him to stay the hell away from her. Diana goes to the coffee house and doesn’t answer her phone. Cassie tracks her down and Diana lashes out at her calling her a drama queen and that she can’t even have 5 minutes to herself. Cassie tells her about the demons and she begrudgingly goes with Cassie.

John and Samuel trek off through the woods and they come upon the space where John tried to resurrect the demons before. He traps Samuel in a circle and tells him that he’s already been sacrificed, there’s a demon in him.

Meanwhile Cassie and the circle figure out that John didn’t want them hurt and went to confront Eben on his own. They take off after him.

Eben confronts John and flings him through the air. Eben resurrects the demons and takes them into himself. The rest of the circle arrives and Jake tries to help Samuel but breaks the circle so Samuel can get out. Cassie tries to stop him but can’t. Samuel grabs Cassie and the demon tries to get into her. John wakes up and tells Samuel to take him instead. But John uses his powers to eradicate the demon from Samuel and he Sam dies.

The whole circle is shocked that John still has powers. He tells Cassie that he couldn’t tell her to stop using her powers if he were still using his. He tells the circle that there’s a war coming and he and the circle are not strong enough to stop it. He tells them about the crystals and Cassie admits she has one. There are 5 others that need to be found to stop Eben and the witch hunters and they can stop hiding their powers.

Grant is waiting on Diana and he says he can explain. He wanted to impress her and he begs for one more day to make it right. She gives him one more day.

Adam takes Cassie home and admits to being wrong about her father and he admits he’s been hard on her. John saved them tonight and they need to be focused on their enemies.

John is back in the old woods. It appears he’s digging up the original sacrifice from 16 years before.


I thought this episode was excellent. Its bringing more of the back story of how John Blackwell abused his power and wanted to control more of it.

My questions for you:

Has he changed?

Do you really think he's only out to help Cassie or does he have something more sinister in mind?


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